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Afrika Gumbe

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | INDIE

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | INDIE
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AFRIKA GUMBE - 1989 - ( vinyl and cd ) OUT OF STOCKm = Eldorado Records - licensed to Celluloid




AFRIKA GUMBE - about the new album: My Restless Chorus -march 2011

Gumbe ( N'Gumbe ) - generic classification for a type of dance/ rhythm/ music from Guinea Bissao, West Afrika

Pioneer in this genre in Brasil, brazilian-african-pop music band, Afrika Gumbe pays homage to the late percussionists Humberto de Souza and Beto Lopez, with their second album - "Meu Refrão
Inquieto" " My Restless Chorus ".

On the first track, " A Folha Seca de Didi ", a progressive rock ouverture meets a reggae, 1 cavaquinho - driven groove. The lyric praises the mathematical performance of the soccer player Didi ( Mr Football )and his] sinous magic kick, the famous " Dry Leaf Effect ".

" Biscoito Azeitado ", " Oil-Greased Cookie ", features a 2 candombe with multiple guitars and percussion and a vigorous brass session grand finnalle.

On " Vida é Pra Acabar ", " Life is Meant to Finish ", a melancholic lyric expressing the struggle of life backed by a neurotic bass line repetition and mysterious steel guitar lines.

" Já é Noite ", " About Night " is a beautiful song about homelessness, poverty and hope in the big cities. 3 E-bow Genesis-like multiple guitars meet african cavaquinho and mandolin unquiet grooves.

" Ela de Bruços ", " She Is Lying Face Down ", is a ethereal, sensual description of a love meeting. The lonesome and languid slide guitar introduction is followed by fluid synthesizer melodic phrases and
uptempo guitar lines.

" Toque ", " Touch " is the jazziest and kinkiest song of the album. Full of refined guitar - banjo lines and smooth harmonies. Marcos Lobato sings the second part of the song.

" A Língua de Darcy ", " Darcy's Tongue " is an esoteric description of anthropologist / educator / politician Darcy Ribeiro 's unusual thinking, regarding the social historical convulsion of Brasil. Marcelo's
voice is paricularly sweet on this song, supported by a sum of vintage keys harmonies, guitar and mandolin lines.

On " Ovo e a Flora ", " The Egg and The Flora ", an elegant reggae groove, adorns the cool voice of Marcelo Lobato. He sings about the uncertainty of art and life. In the middle section, the african polyrhythm and the progressive rock influences are particularly noticed.

" Ela Sorria em V ", " She's got a V Smile " , an enchanting Afrika meets groovy Brazil.

" Céu de Costuras ", " A Patched Sky ", begins with a drawling call and brass section fanfare to capture attention about an impossible passion.

"Meu Refrão Inquieto " , " My Restless Chorus ", is remotely based on 4 cordel text tradition, on which the author challenge
his musical opponents' skills. A driving vibraphone line is supported by multiple percussion and guitars layers.

" Sinais do Vento ", " Wind Signals " closes the album. Pedro Leão's song is a unique afro-beat / bossa nova crossover. Theremin, organ and slide solos meet Pedro's ever twisting guitar lines.

The core trio: Marcelo and Marcos Lobato, aka Lobato Brothers, and Pedro Leão are brazilian musicians from Rio de Janeiro.
They play all the instruments on the record with a help of a seasoned brass section. They can be found on stage with "O Rappa", a famous crossover brazilian pop band; they have also worked with: Lenine, Pedro Luis, Fernanda Abreu, Silvia Machete, Lucas Santanna. The band also includes: Igor Ferreira ( drums ) also co-producer of the album, Mafram do Maracanã ( percussion ) and Cesar Lago ( bass ) on stage.

1 - Small acoustic guitar
2 - Uruguayan rhythm
3 - It's a hand-held, battery-powered electronic device for playing electric guitar.
4 - Cheap artisan work literature produced by popular artists from the northeastern regions of Brazil remarkable for its metric, rhythm and humor.