Afrikwetu Band

Afrikwetu Band

 Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam, TZA

Afrikwetu Band is doing Fusion type of music from Tanzania thus Mixing Folk Music(Traditional) with Modern Instruments from different tribes in the country.


Afrikwetu Band under Afrikwetu Productions stands as music researchers group established from a combination of experienced musicians formerly working with Afrikali Band which specialized in playing music based on the 120 ethnic tribes’ melodies within Tanzania. The Organization is legally registered and it has a formal organization structure, whereby it has twenty members. The organization has a very impressing experience on the field as it has managed to create a successful band which won the 1st prize in MCSA Interregional Festival in 2005 in Malawi and scoop a sponsorship to go on EUROPEAN TOUR of which we participated fully on doing afro fusion/folk music in more than 8 European Countries also we toured in USA as we had workshops to do in Los Angeles and California whereby our songs during the whole tour were about unity, poverty and the fight against HIV/AIDS in our local communities


- Ngati Mukamba
- Makoye
- Sangulu Magulu
- Ng'waka Gwakane