Live African dance music, fusing Congolese guitar + Gambian kora virtuosity with UK electronic sensibilities to create captivating, beautiful, dancefloor- friendly new music for a new generation of world music fans with one foot in the clubs.


Live African Dance Music from London, UK, combining African styles and musicians with contemporary UK electronic music.

With a combination of live kora, guitar, percussion, vocals, synths and electronics, Afriquoi draw on a range of African styles fused with futuristic UK dance music drawing on house, dubstep, soca, garage and glitch.

The vibrant 5-piece live show features virtuoso Gambian kora player Jallykebba Susso (Manding Sabu), veteran Congolese guitarist ‘Papa’ Fiston Lusambo (Zong Zing All Stars, Samba Mpangala), and chart-topping deep house vocalist Andre Espeut (Copyright) alongside percussionist André Marmot and production powerhouse Nico Bentley. Summer 2012 saw Afriquoi perform at the London Olympics, Bestival, Secret Garden Party, City of London Festival and a range of club and concert shows, as well a a West Country tour with the support of PRS Foundation and Arts Council England.

As well as their live show, Afriquoi have been working hard in the studio with dancehall MCS Serocee, Warrior Queen and Badness, and a range of African musicians including Kudaushe Matimba, Musa Mboob, Batch Gueye, Seddik Zebiri and Otto Gumaelius, as well as working on remixes for United Vibrations (My Way) + Resonators, and have had their track ‘Lokito’ used on Adidas’ online campaign for Stella McCartney’s new range. Hold tight for the fruits of these labours…


Kudaushe Single + Remixes:
Afriquoi - Kudaushe Original
Afriquoi - Kudaushe (Lee Sparey Tech Away Remix)
Afriquoi - Kudaushe (Ewan Hoozami Bristol Bump)

Afriquoi - Lokito (featured in Adidas campaign for new Stella McCartney range)

Afriquoi - Fiston ft Serocee

Afriquoi - Way Out ft Jallykebba Susso + Andre Espeut

United Vibrations - My Way (Afriquoi remix)

Set List

Afriquoi - Kudaushe
Afriquoi - Mokako
Afirquoi - Jally
Afriquoi - Seddik
Afriquoi - Fiston ft Serocee
Afriquoi - Pane Madzimai