Afro-Cuban Funk

Afro-Cuban Funk

 Folsom, California, USA

Afro-Cuban Funk brings a unique brand of funk-infused Latin, Ska and Afrobeat grooves to audiences that transcend all attempts at classification. With their diverse approach to sound, ACF has attracted a fanbase in over 40 countries on 6 continents. Their music gets booties shaking worldwide!


They Rocked the East Coast; They Rocked the West Coast; they have fans on 6 continents...ACF's prodigious origins date to Summer 2009 when the World Music super-group began playing shows to standing room only crowds in Northern CA. Presenting the full capabilities of a traditional rhythm and horns lineup, ACF treats fans to funk-infused World Music ranging from Afrobeat and Highlife to Reggae and Ska to Latin and Hip-Hop. With bass, drums, keys and guitars laying an uber-funky foundation, ACF adds sizzlin' horn lines and a dizzying array of percussion. From cajón, djembe and timbales to shekere, cabassa, and guiro, ACF brings the bootie-shakin' polyrhythms that have fans worldwide asking for more!

ACF shows are a global dance party with audiences treated to funky renditions of ACF originals peppered with adventurous remakes of the World-Music repertoire. In response to audience demand to take the party home with them, ACF released Afro-Cuban Funk Appetizers, the band's EP of radio edit versions of some of their full-length concert renditions.

In 2010, ACF played their East Coast debut to a packed house at Shrine NYC, the World Music Lounge dedicated to the late Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti. While in town, the band began recording their first LP at Skyline Studios, the legendary recording home of Latin, Jazz, Rock, Pop and World-Music royalty! Slated for release in late 2011, the LP will give a taste of ACF's live renditions featuring the band's gifted lineup of adventurous soloists.

Summer 2011 witnesses ACF's SoCal debut at Whisky a Go-Go on LA's Sunset Strip. Additionally, the band played shows and music festivals throughout Northern CA. After enjoying a brief vacation, Afro-Cuban Funk starts up again in the Fall, offering shows at their home venue: the $50 Million Three Stages center at Folsom Lake College.

ACF then travels East once again for a multi-city tour of the Northeast highlighted by returns to Shrine NYC and Skyline to finish recording their LP. Back in CA, ACF will offer their CD release show to fans who supported their efforts on and then prepare for a exciting new year of shows and festivals in 2012.


Afro-Cuban Funk Appetizers (EP) 2010