Afrodizz brings the genuine Afro Funk ruckus. Drawing inspiration from the work of the legendary Fela Kuti, these eight stellar musicians expand from the foundations of Afrobeat with a modern urban touch. Afrodizz has lifted crowed throughout Canada and is now ready for international recognition.


Afrodizz brings the genuine Afro Funk ruckus. Formed in 2002 under the lead of jazz guitarist Gabriel Aldama, this Montreal-based powerhouse has quickly become one of Canada's premiere Afrobeat outfits. Drawing inspiration from the work of the legendary Fela Kuti, these eight stellar musicians use their jazz experience to expand on the foundation sound with a modern urban touch.

Vance Payne's voice and conscious lyrics have the warmness and depth of classic soul; the brass section comprised of Frede Simard on tenor saxophone, David Carbonneau on trumpet, and Fran�ois Glidden on baritone saxophone enriches the sound with power and punch; the rhythm section with Jean-Philippe Goncalves on drums, Francois Vincent on percussion and Francois Plante on bass ensures no body stands still on the dancefloor; and Gabriel Aldama on guitar guides the funky and festive dimension of the music.

Afrodizz plays regularly all over Montreal and across Canada, and the public's response has been unanimous: Afrodizz knows how to make you move and make you think. Their live performances are bonafide dancefloor burners. A much-heralded performance during the 2003 Montreal International Jazz Festival led them to be chosen as "Revelation of the Year" in the Tropiques series. Since then, Afrodizz became well-known throughout Quebec and Canada, and have performed sold-out shows at the legendary Jazz Caf� in London UK in early 2004.

In 2003, Afrodizz independently distributed a four track EP that became an instant classic. The single "No Time" became a big dancefloor hit, and was playlisted by DJs worldwide. In 2004 came their critically acclaimed first full lengh : Kif Kif, released on DoRight Music / Fusion III in Canada and Freestyle Records in the UK.

With their new release -Froots-, Afrodizz is now ready to reaffirm their position as Canada's best Afrobeat act and travel the world, spreading its captivating sound far and wide.


2003 - EP - Go Go
2004 - LP - Kif Kif
2006 - LP - FROOTS

Set List

90 min. / 2 x 45 min. /or more...

Sets vary, most songs on 3 albums.
Covers :
Kalakuta Show and other Fela Kuti tracks.
James Brown - Payback.