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"Reviewed by Noel Mengel."

Afro Dizzi Act.

INSTRUMENTAL, Afro Dizzi Act, Walkin', (Independent). Reviewed by Noel Mengel.

WELL, not quite instrumental, since Senegalese guest vocalist Jali Buba Kuyateh appears on the title track, but trying to classify Afro Dizzi Act – ambient-world-jazz-dub-funk, anyone? – is fiendishly difficult. The band released their first recordings in 2001 and have become live favourites around Brisbane and at festival events such as Woodford. Afro Dizzi Act are seriously good, crossing many musical borders to create something evocative and fresh. The 10-minute opener, The Drop Off, sets the tone, building on a drum 'n' bass-style drum groove and Shannon Carroll's spacey guitar soundscapes. Rise delivers authentic dub-style reggae, while Walkin' is smile-inducing Afro-funk which shows why they go down so well at festivals. Indian tablas add another flavour to The Pilgrim and Rainbow is a Higher Ground-type funk blast. Then they cool things down with Sunrise Over Moharabad, which is more like something from Miles Davis's first electric period. - Brisbane's Courier Mail Review

"AFRO DIZZI ACT – Welcome Speech"

AFRO DIZZI ACT – Welcome Speech EP (Independent) " The Afro is back to remind us they’re the Dizzi-est Act in town. Aw yeah! From the first bar of that unmistakable Rhodes-goodness and shit-tight hard-groovin’ rhythm, this Welcome Speech is suitable for all occasions where the words “chill, kick-back and party” are required. By the time Nick Aggs’ old-school sax kicks in, it’s onto the bar/pool/back-deck/lounge/ sunny coastline we go. It’s a catchy little number without comprising on feel and signature jazzy classiness. Next up, Let Yourself Go kicks in with OJ Newcomb’s motherfunky bassline, followed by Shannon Sol R Carroll trading guitar licks with the sexy sax. You’ll love the funky breakdowns, the feeling it gives, and the slick production (by Jeff Lovejoy, Josh Bell and Paulie B). And you’ll hate that there’re only two more tracks. The slightly more urgent Rainbows is a dirty confession of wah-addicts who can’t quit, while a naughty Dave Dog remix of Let Yourself Go finishes off the party in style. Purchase. PETER B - Rave Magazine

"CD Review"

It's hard not to be hooked by this album - from the artwork, to the little history of where each track was recorded, it's clear that a lot of thought has gone into making Audio Cookie as fun an experience as possible. The music reflects that too, and it's hard not to grin as the guys show off their chops on guitar, sax, kit, bass, and whatever else they can lay their hands on. Thankfully though, there are plenty of moments where the band pushes beyond that simple party vide and into more esoteric, innovative territory - the psychedelic breakdown in the middle of "ZB", "Rainy Day" or the closing opus "The Gully" (long may it remain!) are definite highlights of the album. A worthy addition to the canon of great Brisbane albums. Chris Buckridge Timeoff Magazine - Time Off

"Live Review"

Livid Brisbane 2002 - "Afro Dizzi Act belting out there funk goodness to the most reciprocal, appreciative and groovy audience of the day. The Zoo stage held a magic vibe, with electricity in the dark foliage surrounding and Afro's cleansing riffs & sultry sax resounding through the twilight. Lucky last but by no means least."
Tsunami Magazine November 2002
- Tsunami

"Live Review"

- "The extraordinary fusion of jazz, funk, rock, hip hop and electronic sounds of Brisbane's super group Afro Dizzi Act had the whole crowd up on their feet and swarming to the stage area. Hundreds started swaying and jumping to their funky grooves and catchy lyrics." Nepali Times - Nepali Times

"Live Review"

Having traveled to several international jazz festivals in Dubai and Kathmandu, the group are currently preparing for their next jaunt overseas to India. It's no wonder Afro Dizzi Act have been successful in the exportation of their sophisticated jazz grooves - they're easily the most skilled and versatile of their local contemporaries and rarely fall short of expectations. Lawrence English Timeoff Magazine July 23 2003 - Time Off


AFRO DIZZI ACT Music Releases:

WALKIN’ (2007)

Afro Dizzi Act have just completed there 2nd Studio Album Titled ‘Walkin’, creating a sonic journey that captures adventures they shared with musicians in locations of India, Nepal, Dubai, West Africa & Australia.

The first single (track 3, Walkin’), featuring West African master Kora & vocalist/story teller Jali Buba Kuyateh, is a multi-lingual global feast that cooks along with rich flow of African roots & melodies blended with the signature deep grooves of Afro Dizzi Act

This track written by Nick Aggs (Ziggzaggs) & Afro Dizzi Act with Lyrics by Jali Buba Kuyateh is about the importance of discovering & exploring different global lifestyles (with great respect), understanding other cultures as well as comprehending the art of walking itself.

In many indigenous cultures, throughout the world, walking is an activity that represents the strong connection we have as humans to the spirit world as well as the earth we live off and live on.


Afro Dizzi Act is pleased to announce the release of their new EP 'Welcome Speech'. It was written as a reflection of our times whilst the band was touring throughout North East India. 'Welcome Speech' features pure world funk flavours. On the EP it is accompanied by dance floor starter 'Let Yourself Go' as remixed by Dave Dog (Resin Dogs) and a 9 minute psychedelic jam titled 'Rainbows'. Both 'Welcome Speech' and 'Let Yourself Go' are also released on an American pressed, limited edition vinyl 7" single, available exclusively through Butter Beats.
( or

GO WITH THE FRO 2002-2003 (2003)

This is the album many people have been waiting for, recorded live at woodford folk festival over three years this album is one album guranteed to please your ear drums, and if you were there we are sure that it will bring back some great memories.


Afro Dizzi Act’s debut release ‘Audio Cookie’ was issued in 2003 to glowing reviews. It can be difficult for groups with such a strong live reputation to achieve an equally energetic studio sound, but Afro Dizzi Act’s intensity carried over with little resistance due in part to the assistance from engineer Jeff Lovejoy, who was able to create a fertile studio setting for the band to work in. Released through Hydrofunk Records, the debut has since attracted significant support from a variety of street papers, magazines and radio stations both in Australia and abroad.

Welcome Speech 45: 2005
Go with the 'Fro Vol 2: live album: 2003 out of print
Go with the 'Fro Vol 1: live album: 2002 out of print
Afro Dizzi Act: 2001: live album: out of print


Tracks from all albums have received considerable radio play particularly 'Cartoon Watch' from Audio Cookie, 'Welcome Speech' and 'Let yourself go' from Welcome Speech E.P and 'Walkin', 'Pilgrim' and 'Drop Off' from Walkin L.P
Four tracks from Walkin L.P provided the soundtrack too Ocean Motion Picture, 'The Hub".
'Drop Off' from Walkin L.P is being licensed to Ubiquity Records



World Beat visionaries Afro Dizzi Act have released their sophomore album. Titled "Walkin", Afro Dizzi Act has created a sonic journey that captures adventures they shared with musicians in locations of India, Nepal, Dubai, West Africa & Australia.

The first single (track 3, Walkin’), featuring West African master Kora & vocalist/story teller Jali Buba Kuyateh, is a multi-lingual global feast that cooks along with rich flow of African roots & melodies blended with the signature deep grooves of Afro Dizzi Act

Anchored in a broad spectrum of roots music, Afro Dizzi Act have built a reputation as one of the most flexible bands in Australia. Their ability to craft a live performance for a particular audience and space is second to none and it's for this reason amongst others the group has been able to attract such a wide ranging audience and an equally diverse array of gigs.

Afro Dizzi Act were the first Western band to ever tour North East India, played the Kathmandu Jazz festival twice, played Jazz Majhalis (Dubai) alongside Trilok Gurtu and have played most of the major festivals in Australia.

Afro Dizzi Acts last E.P and 7' vinyl single release, Welcome Speech, received extensive JJJ airplay for an instrumental track and aroused a whole lot of interest from the 45' vinyl collectors of the world. ( or

With the present new additions to the band, Vocalist/Kora player Jali Buba Kuyateh from Senegal, West Africa, and Nepali Tabla master Dheeraj Shrestha, a new direction is starting to present itself for Afro Dizzi Act. The collaboration has been going from strength to strength giving birth to a style of music that has been embedded deep in the Afro Dizzi Act hearts & veins for some time. The combination has brought to the table a rich flow of African roots & melodies blended with the signature deep grooves & world influences of Afro Dizzi Act to produce a sound known to the crew as 'World Beat'.