Afro Jungle Jazz Band

Afro Jungle Jazz Band


Afro Jungle Jazz is combination of best of Afro beat, Jungle Funk,Hi-life,Soukous,R&B, HipHop and Cultural Dance Beats of Africa contemporized for the New Age.


Some people say that my style is a combination of James Brown, Fela Kuti and Contemporary Jazz. On stage the whole band is totally unique and quite unpredictable.
The live performances are incerdibly and outragiously voracious in nature. If you happen to catch the group anywhere on tour, you will be thrilled and your money is worth the sacrifice.


"Get down" & "Chukuja" in mid 80's
"African Partytime" in late 70's

Set List

I normally perform one song for 10mins or more or less depending on the set up.
My songs are various and I select the ones to perform depending on the ocassion at hand. It could be7 to nine songs. Again everything depends on the circumstances.