- we are a group folk dancers and music traditional from Tunisia.
- our turn is to entertainement the public.
- we moven on the stage like dansing.
-we are so orginized in our group
- we want on the stage a perfect quality of sound to remove the public.


- our group creat in 10/05/2000.
- our styl's group is Folk dancers traditional music .
- our name's group is Afrosanabal.
- we did many festivals in Europe.
-we are so famous in some festivals because of our traditional clothes (lahffa, chachia,djeba...)
- our last participation was in Franch (aubagne) the festival of the peace and festival in Athène " Folk music dancers ".
- we are orginizing on the stage.


Set List

1- organ
2- guitarist.
3- percussion drum.
4- percussion darbouka.
5- songer.
6- musicien instrument traditional (gasba+zokra+mezwed).
7- group dancers folk (4).