Chicago, Illinois, USA
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What would it sound like if Fela Kuti did a set of all Led Zeppelin tunes? AfroZep brings Chicagos top Rock, Jazz and African musicians together for new take on some classics.


AfroZep is a collective of Chicago musicians that assemble a few times a year to tour- performing a set of all Led Zeppelin tunes but re-done in the style of Afrobeat and Afropop. Some tunes are straight mash-ups of Fela Kuti and Zeppelin; others are Zep tunes but set to original grooves based off the music of artists such as Tinariwen, Thomas Mapfumo and Franco; and others are stripped down arrangements with tons of added traditional African drumming, like their take on 'When the Levee Breaks' which incorporates a rhythm of Malinke decent, called Soli. Arrangements such as this show how the roots of Plant and Page's songwriting can be traced even further back to the roots of blues music itself. The members of AfroZep have toured and recorded with various artists, such as: Chicago Afrobeat Project, 56 Hope Road, Starrunner, 1000 Vertical Feet, the Motet, Seneke West African Drum and Dance Ensemble, among many other of gospel, big band, jazz, rock and drumming ensembles based out of Chicago. Due to the rigorous schedules of its performers, the Afro-Zep is not a full time project and the band only tours a few times a year. With their first tour taking place in Nov 2009 the band has already traveled to Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas and Colorado.

Plans for the first half of 2011 include a return to Colorado, New Orleans and an East Coast tour.

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Set List

Swegbe and Pako/What is and What Should Never Be, The Ocean/Coffin for Head of State, Ramble On: Chimurenga style, Poor Tom, Egbi Mi O/Kashmir, Thats the Way, Expensive Shit, When the Levee Breaks, Immigrant Song, Friends, Fool in the Rain, Zombie/No Quarter, Nobodys Fault But Mine, Houses of the Holy, many more