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I have been rapping since late 1994,doing talent shows and regional showcases ,I eventually got on the local radio stations doing intros and remixes for the djs in 2000 making history in my hometown.I went on to open up for major artists,and now Im promoting my first self titled album,and dvd video.


My style of music is all styles and flavors from street,club,r and b,pop and even rock!!Im willing to explore any style of production to get the message out to the people ACROSS THE WORLD. My influences are Biggie,2pac,Naughty by nature,Dre and Snoop,Jay-Z.Nas,Master P.What sets me apart from other rappers is that at the end of the day,I wanna get a message out to the listeners,and I lived and live what I rap about,my lyrics arte 100% real life.I was born into the music game,and the rest is history,the music and videos speak for itself.


I have air play on my songs 'Ok den',Two Step(it aint hard at all),and I have released over 20 mixtapes and two dvds since the summer of 2004.I have been making apperances on other dj mixtapes and dvds everywhere,I also host my own internet radio show and regional television show NXS TV.

Set List

Ok den snippet
Dances in the mirror

Clean cut and artistic,but gutta to represent the come up out of the struggle.