Indie Blues Rock with Intense rock highs and jazzy, mellow lows, we love energy, we love passion, we love Jesus. We are enjoying life and seeing what God's doing with our music.


We started a band, played to several thousand and recorded an LP in 12 months time. Live is where we come alive. We attend Freshwater Church in Paw Paw and try love the people no one else will love. Our shows are very fun Rockin, with lots of original material that can fit well at a Brewery, a Bar, a festival, a church, a bathroom. wherever. We best play to a festival crowd, our music is big and broad, but also intricate and jazzy at times. We connect VERY well with an audience, we aren't standoffish as many rock bands try to be. We love our fans and we love to be their servants and give them a great time.

Our songs generally deal with relatively spiritual things, and sometimes have a heavy feeling to them. But we also play a lot of fun and lighthearted material live. Our crowd favorite that we usually end our shows with is "all I wanna do", a bluesy number about just laying back and enjoying a midday drive, getting somewhat lost.


AFTER.ADAM: So much that I wish I could change

Single: Don't Wait
Played on WIDR FM 89.1

Set List

Don't Wait
As you may know
catch me if you can
you've been gone
old man by the river
Bright Enough
What it Takes
I know you're there
Stop and Run
Hold on

we change up the feel on most of these
Jumpin Jack Flash
Johnny Be Goode ('cept this one)
All along the watchtower
I'm amazed by Mymorning jacket
Dani California redhotchilipeppers
Free Bird (just the solo when someone inevitably shouts it out halfway through the show)
Thunderstruck (just for fun)