San Luis Obispo, California, USA

Growing up as best friends listening to Blink 182, mxpx, Fallout Boy, really encouraged us to form a band following their footsteps. Every single song we have written all came from personal experiences either from band members, or close friends! We would die for this band!


In 2007, a few friends got together and wrote two songs and entered in a battle of the bands...After winning first place, they decided to form a band and call them selves AFTERALL. They are four young men that all grew up together listening to mxpx and blink 182 and skateboarding, then decided to play music that we all love. After many shows in 2008, we hit the recording studio in Atascadero, Ca. and released a 3 song demo called 'What you've been waiting for' and continued playing shows throughout california. At the end of 2009 they started to record a 7 song EP called 'Finding who we are' and was released in 2010. They finally found their place as musicians. In the summer of 2011, they finally thought it was time to record their third album. It is currently in the process still, but they believe it will hit california with a bang! The band AFTERAL lives, sleeps, bleeds and eats music. They live for entertaining others and writing music. Playing shows in their passion.


2008 3 song demo

2010 7 song EP

2012 7 song EP
*currently recording*
Radio play on KRUZ 97.5 and KZOZ 93.3