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Orlando, Florida, United States | SELF

Orlando, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Rock Pop


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"Song Review"

Strong use of melody in the verses to set up and create the mood. Good song structure. Strong and engaging vocal performance... - Taxi Independent Music Co.

"CD Review"

With a pop-rock sound, the four tracks on Afterglow Radio's EP are a first rate job. But this comes as little surprise, considering the disc was recorded at Gridlock Studios and produced by Justin Thomas. The songs sound like they were well thought out, and Afterglow Radio is one of the better bands of this musical style. As always, one thing that always scores points with us -regardless of genre- is when a band presents themselves in a professional manner. And this band does just that, both musically and in the packaging. The cover art is a nice job and doesn't look local-bandish. Worth checking out.

by Paul Henning
(Connections Magazine) - Connections Magazine

"Stadium Rock"

This sounds like a culminating number that's only fully appreciated in a setting like the Madison Square Garden or another concert hall that seats at least 15,000. Vocals are amazing and are mixed well with the rest of the band. I love how the guitars come down off a driving intro to form a musical bed for these sweet vocals to fall into. Bass and drums are as passionate about their parts as the vocalist is about his. Musical bridge takes the song in another direction then gets brought back into the fold with haunting screams of the vocalist. This tune is getting every mark possible from me and I feel that I'm not the first!

Reviewed by: Velo from Aberdeen, Washington - Garage Band Song Review

"Afterglow Radio layers reggae riffs, soaring chords"

On Saturday, Afterglow Radio headlines a group of Central Florida-based musicians who will highlight the first B.A.S.E. Camp Children's Cancer Foundation Concerts for a Cause at Orlando's Central Station.

Afterglow Radio, formed in 2005, has racked up a number of accolades in its short existence, including winning a Battle of the Bands competition that earned it the right to play at Real Rock 101.1 FM's Earthday Birthday. That meant opening for such bands as Sevendust, Three Days Grace, Chevelle, Buckcherry and Saliva.

The band also was selected a favorite by O-Rock 105.9 FM's Mel Taylor, and will be featured on the station nightly at 8:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, finishing with an in-studio performance.

Comprised of Jeremy Hagen, vocals/guitars/harmonica; Eric Palkovic, bass; Preston Wulff, guitar; and Jorge Alvarez, drums, Afterglow Radio is without a doubt one of Central Florida's premier bands, perhaps the most likely to succeed on a national and international level.

I spoke with lead singer Hagen about Afterglow Radio's recent successes, its upcoming CD, and the basis for its thought-provoking songs. So let's Shake, Rattle & Know: Afterglow Radio:

SRK: You have been a band since 2005, but only recently have started to get the attention you deserve. Why do you think it took a while for the band's music to catch on with audiences?

Hagen: I would say it has a lot to do with the fact we were transitioning from me as a solo artist to having a full band. That type of transition takes time to develop, because as a band, you have to figure out who you are and who you want to be, and it takes time to develop the sound.

We also didn't put ourselves out there right away. We wanted to stay in the underground scene and perfect our sound before trying to make a splash. Timing is everything, and there is no sense in having a "Grand Opening" until we were ready. We are happy where we are right now, though, and are doing whatever we can to get our music out there.

SRK: Tell me about the process you went through in handpicking your band members.

Hagen: A lot of it happened by fate. Eric (bass) used to come see me play at shows, and I got to know him and his family really well. So when I needed a band, he came to mind right away. When I first moved here from North Dakota, his family took good care of me, so having him a part of this was a no-brainer.

Preston (guitar) was a student I used to teach guitar to at Mars Music, and I got to know him pretty well also. In fact, his father gave me my first surfboard.

Jorge (drums) was in a different band that used to play at Pleasure Island. When I was offstage, his band was on and vice-versa, so I got to know of him. Oddly enough, we ended up working together at Full Sail in Orlando and began a great friendship.

SRK: You released a four-song EP in 2006. When can your fans expect a full-length CD from the band?

Hagen: We will have a full-length CD done sometime in early 2008. At the very latest, it will be out in the spring of 2008. Everything from the recording, mastering, packaging and so on takes so much more time than people would think.

SRK: Comparisons are inevitable in the music business, so who are some of the bands to which you are compared?

Hagen: We've heard everything from Led Zeppelin and Incubus to matchbox twenty, Tool, Jeff Buckley, The Deftones and 3 Doors Down. It's hard for us to see some of those comparisons, because we aren't trying to sound like anyone else. We are just a product of our collective influences. We want people to take a listen and be the judge. I would say we have a good balance of influences and bring a modern edge to it.

SRK: Songs like "In Your Reign" infuse untraditional rock elements such as reggae riffs and soaring chords. Does this eclectic blend of style best define Afterglow Radio as a band?

Hagen: Yes, it really does. We are all a part of the writing process and all had a hand in making that song what it became. It started out as a straight-up reggae song in the embryo stages of its writing. . . . We left some of the original reggae elements in there and layered it from there.

We certainly aren't trying to be a reggae-style band or ska band, like Sublime, although I love Sublime. We just wanted to keep some of the song's original form and add a new twist to it.

SRK: Where does the band name, Afterglow Radio, come from?

Hagen: It came from Brad Floyd (from Orlando band The Greater Grey). He is the one who came up with it, offered it to us and allowed us to use it. We just thought it was a really cool band name, and we sort of gave it our own meaning.

Naming a band is a strange little process. You spend so much time working on the music and trying to develop an identity for your music and suddenly you're faced with having to put a name to the music. It's hard, because you don't want to come up with a name that's too cheesy, too weird or so normal sounding that it doesn't stand out at all.

SRK: With a lot of top honors that already have been bestowed on the band, what is your proudest accomplishment to date?

Hagen: Probably the release of our EP and getting it out. And probably getting our new CD out will become my proudest accomplishment. It's tough, because each new show I view as an accomplishment we can be proud of as a band. Whenever we are able to transfer energy to the crowd and share those type of moments on stage, I feel we have accomplished something special.

SRK: What do you feel is the toughest challenge you face as an unsigned band?

Hagen: Getting noticed and dealing with all the finances yourself. You get what you pay for, and it takes a lot of money to make a great record. You put a CD in someone's hand, and they are like, "this is cool," but they have no idea what went on to make that CD; all the blood, sweat and tears that went on to make it happen.



Afterglow Radio - Miles Away From Anywhere - Fall 2011
Afterglow Radio - Find Yourself Again - Released 08/16/08
Afterglow Radio - EP - Released 10/03/06



•Spent 2011 writing and recording their highly anticipated second album, "Miles Away From Anywhere," due for release in Novemeber 2011.

•Debut album "Find Yourself Again" produced by Ted Comerford (Virginia Coalition, Colourslide, Army of Me) and Justin Thomas (Stereoside, Dark New Day). Mixed by Jeff Juliano (John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Paramore). Mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering.

•Over 1500 fans present at each of their shows at the House of Blues Orlando setting a record for a local band show with more than 2,300 people in attendance at their last performance.

•”Find Yourself Again” has been licensed in its totality by MTV, Artist First Music (FOX Networks) and M Cable Television for use on their television shows . Some of these shows are: Cribs, True Life, My Life as Liz, The City, Taking The Stage, Bad Girls Club, My Super Sweet 16, News, FOX Sports Events, and more…

•“Find Yourself Again” is currently being played by more than 200 College Radio Stations across the US.

•“Wasted” was featured at ESPNS’ Baseball Tonight highlights (June 2009)

•Performed at Atlantis Music Conference (Atlanta, GA), Red Gorilla Fest (Austin, TX) and Florida Music Festival (Orlando, FL).

•“Wasted” was featured at the weekly television show “UCF SportsKnight (University of Central Florida)”

•Shared the stage and open up for nationals such as Sevendust, Chevelle, Buckcherry, 12 Stones, Bobaflex, Kardinal OffiShall and more…

•“I’m Running” and “In Your Reign” were awarded as two of top tracks of 2007-2008.

•Performed at Rock for Hunger as one of the featured artists.

•More than 2,500 albums sold and more than 1,100 digital downloads/sales.

•Performed and toured consistently throughout the South East area in 2008/09.

Described as an intense fusion of modern rock, reggae, Latin and classic rock, Afterglow Radio is reminiscent of the current mainstream music that dominates the airwaves and Billboard music charts today.

As long standing members of the Orlando, FL music scene, the four members of Afterglow Radio set out to write songs, rehearse and play a few shows to see how receptive the Orlando market would be to their original brand of music.

Over the next year, they played the Orlando market and surrounding areas and it was clear that there was much more potential than anticipated. This included headlining shows at Hard Rock Live as well as sharing the bill with Sevendust, Chevelle and Buckcherry at 101.1 WJRR’s annual Earthday Birthday. They have also been accepted to perform this year's Florida Music Festival.

One of Afterglow Radio’s recent hits, “I’m Running”, received critical acclaim and was awarded as one of’s top tracks of 2007. Orlando’s Radio stations Real Rock 101.1 and O-Rock 105.9 have, in addition to playing their album tracks, invited the band to play acoustic performances on air. With the help of the internet and intense promotional groundwork, they soon found that they had a rapidly growing number of fans worldwide. Playing shows and seeing fans sing along to their songs inspired them to create a full length album.

In the fall of 2007, Afterglow Radio went into the studio to record new tracks for their debut LP produced by Ted Comerford (Virginia Coalition, Zox, Army of Me), and Justin Thomas (Dark New Day, Faktion). Mixed by Jeff Juliano (John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band) and mastered by Tom Baker (Precision Mastering), these new recordings truly exemplify the band’s broad range of songwriting and musical talent. Afterglow Radio’s intense passion for their music is well represented in their powerful live performance.

'Finding Yourself Again' is diverse in its musical content as well as lyrically poignant. “Afterglow Radio is without a doubt one of Central Florida's premier bands, perhaps the most likely to succeed on a national and international level.” -Mike Nunez, FLORIDA TODAY.