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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Exclusive Video Premier: AFTER, "Edges of the World""

ARTISTdirect has teamed up with AFTER to premiere their video for "Edges of the World" from the album Life.

It is the band's first single and it meshes dynamic instrumentation with soaring melodies and thought-stirring lyrics.

"Filming this video was an amazing experience; our good friend Mark Doty, who directed the video, found the location on a recent trip out to Vegas, and it worked out just perfectly for the theme of the tune," the band told us. "We couldn't have asked for better synchronicity either; after filming for the better part of a day, we were about to wrap up when we had two trains pass by in the span of 30 minutes. That's actually why we were running up that hill in the opening sequence; it was the first train we'd seen all day and we didn't want to miss it!"

How cool is that? - Artist Direct

"2012 Top 10: Attila Timar"

Inspired by the grunge classics, AFTER’s music has been infused with melodic hooks to kill for – mostly courtesy of singer-multi-instrumentalist José Freitas, who was raised by a classical music conductor father (like Steven Tyler), spending a lot of time under his dad’s piano as a toddler (getting drunk on cider probably less often at this time than Steven Tyler). AFTER are not like those huge alt rock bands in US and Canada that still sell records by the shitload: what makes the difference is that these guys never stick to any of those boring formulas, they prefer to twist and turn around their songs to make them exciting. Hey, they even grabbed Rick’s attention, so that must mean something - I mean, among those 1000 plus records swallowed and digested in one year..!? - Decoy Music

"AFTER - "Edges of the World" EP"

Edges of the World is the latest EP from California based band AFTER. I am new to the AFTER camp and though I had no idea what to expect, what I found was a decent collection of grungy, alt/rock pop tunes that are quite enjoyable. The tracks are really catchy and it's very easy to see them gaining plenty of airplay on rock stations across the country.

The highlight of this four song disc for me was an interesting reworking of the classic Doors song, "Riders On the Storm." It starts out in a very different place eventually winding its way back to the old familiar Doors tune; I found it to be a creative and fresh rendition. AFTER have not necessarily created anything new and revolutionary on Edges of the World, but they have compiled a solid EP that should go a long way towards garnering them attention. - Pure Grain Audio

"Best Things You've Never Heard"

Let’s start with the basics first – for those that aren’t aware of the band, what brought the band together and what is the inspiration behind the band name?
Jose met our founding drummer Brian Santner in music school, and shortly afterwards they dropped out and started a band in Orange County.

The name ‘AFTER’ actually came from flipping through a dictionary; we started with the first word and didn’t find anything we liked at all until we came across the word ‘after’.

Everyone had their own unique attachment to the word, and we liked it so much that it stuck.

Can you please introduce each member of your band and give us a rock ‘n’ roll fact or myth about each of them?
Our newest member is our drummer, Brian Sumwalt; he’s a charismatic hard hitting fellow, and he speaks Japanese better than you. Both facts.

Matthew Denis handles the lower registers, and his bass tone can beat up your bass tone. Also a fact.

Finally, on vocals, guitar, and keys, the inimitable Jose Freitas; he has 17 illegitimate children currently residing in the Azores Islands. We’ll let you decide on that one.

You have twenty seconds in an elevator to try and convince someone to listen to your new EP ‘Edges of the World’, what do you tell them?
‘Hey, do you like free music? Here, take this. It’s good for you.’

The EP itself is a great sounding rock release, are you currently working on more material for a full length album?
Thank you very much. We actually wrote a full album’s worth of material before choosing a few for the EP, and we’re currently working on an additional batch of songs as well; there will definitely be another release in the near future.

Stay tuned.

In terms of your song writing, what do you consider to be the most important ingredients that makeup an AFTER song?
To make an AFTER song, it seems important to include as many hooks as you can while remaining as musical and groove heavy as possible; some have called the flavor ‘progressive pop’, but it’s best to have a taste and decide for yourself.

Both lyrically and musically, what or who inspires/influences your music the most?
Caffeine, as well as other stimulus.

You have recorded a cover of The Doors classic ‘Riders on the Storm’ which is a killer rocked up version. What was the idea behind recording this song to include on the EP?
The chord progression and melody of the original recording seemed a great fit for ‘quiet-loud’ dynamics, a favorite in our style of writing, and the theme of Jim’s original lyrics fit the need to survive in today’s frantic society. We’ve been playing the rendition live for a while now, and people seemed to like the interpretation enough that it made sense to include it on the EP.

You’ve also just done a video for the song, what can we expect to see from that?
It’s a nice taste of the AFTER live experience. We had a great space to shoot in and a very creative director, and of course we had a lot of fun; we’re really looking forward to sharing it with everyone at the Viper Room on June 10th.

Touring wise, what have you got in the pipeline in support of this new EP?
Now that we have our lineup solidified, we’re planning on booking shows outside of Los Angeles as frequently as possible for the rest of the year; the video release show should be the start of a busy summer for us. That live show/DIY ethic has always been a big staple in the band, and we really enjoy making friends in new places.

Now for those that haven’t yet seen you perform before, what can people expect from one of your live shows?
We sort of force you to have fun with us. We jump around and sweat quite a lot, and if you don’t leave damp as well you’re likely doing something wrong.

Going via your bio, it seems after a couple of rocky years as a band, you now seem to be settled and on the right road; how hard was it getting AFTER to the place you wanted it to be?
Calling it ‘hard’ doesn’t seem quite accurate, although it did take a bit of time. We were also lucky enough to play with great musicians along the way, and all of those players helped us grow and shape our sound; after all, it’s all about the journey. That being said, the current line-up is the leanest, meanest version of AFTER yet; we work out and stuff.

Now, for a bit of fun, recently at Coachella, we saw Tupac appear as a hologram, if you could have any artist perform on stage with you as a hologram, who would it be and why?
Definitely Michael McDonald; he is undoubtedly the best back-up singer of all time. - May the Rock Be With You

"AFTER - Edges of the World"

Grunge is a genre that is seldom touched any more, other than to maybe spice up the current hard rock song template. You have your Three Days Grace or Smile Empty Soul here and there that try to make the best of what they can do with the sound (which isn't much) while still maintaining their ability to attract radio play. You also have Alice in Chains and Jerry Cantrell trying to keep the sound alive single-handedly, but in comparison to the 90's, there's hardly a decent grunge album to listen to any more.

After don't go full-on grunge, but they do utilize the aesthetic quite well to craft their mix of Finger Eleven, Incubus, and Alice in Chains. Unlike other lost genres such as cheesy pop-punk or nu-metal, grunge isn't a bad influence to have attached to your music. After realizes this and make sure to put it at the forefront just often enough to show you that their love for the genre is not something they're ashamed of, but instead something that they're quite proud of.

The three original songs on this EP all feel like a combination of the aforementioned three bands (leaning much heavier on the Finger Eleven influence than the other two, though). "Days Ago" starts the EP off with what sounds like an unearthed Alice in Chains riff that leads into a strong, grungy, alternative rock effort. It's a very mature sounding song, and it would be well suited to be played on modern rock radio.

"Bones" and "Edges of the World" aren't as grunge riff filled, but take on a more progressive alternative rock sound with some grunge leanings. It's hard not to hear a lot of very early career Finger Eleven throughout these tracks. My guess is a lot of that has to do with the methodical, midtempo pace that the band utilizes to deftly straddle the line between full on rocker and anthemic alternative power-ballad.

The final track mixes things up with a grunge-ified cover of "Riders on the Storm" from The Doors. This song has been covered to death, but After do it justice and don't butcher it like so many others have before them. I sense a healthy respect as they transform the song into a distorted, riff-iffied new version.

There's a load of promise oozing from this EP. Given that it is quite a feat to find bands willing to play in this space and do it well, you'd be quite remiss in passing over Edges of the World.

--Rick Gebhardt - Decoy Music

"AFTER Edges of the World EP"

It’s always great to hear a new band from LA that seems to have it all worked out. ‘After’ may not be a band that everyone out there is familiar with but on the basis of this EP that can surely only be a matter of time.

So if you get kind of excited by a band that has that particular sound that is hard to define, and has a sound which at face value seems deceptively simple, but is driven forward by an engaging and solid vocal with some simply great hooks and riffs based on a deep and fertile groove, then the only issue you will have with this release is that it’s only three songs and a cover long.

The fact that its three great songs and a very brave, and well-executed, cover make it a great calling card to grab your attention.

Opening with the heaviest song on offer ‘Days Ago’ has a great groove-laden riff that immediately grabs you, whilst ‘Bones’ has a simplicity that washes over you, before the bite, and shows an entirely different facet to the band.

There’s a very modern feel to ‘After’ which is tempered by distinct, yet subtle, progressive leanings. The best track here is perhaps ‘Edges of the World’ which displays a quiet intensity, but lays the store out as far as potential and solid musicianship goes. The fuzzed out psychedelic solo and some great lyrics point towards a next release that should shake some trees.

In essence this may just very well be a must for anyone looking for something significant on the sometimes all too bland alternative rock scene.

You can tell a lot about a band by their choice of covers and even more when you hear how or if they have managed to stamp their own identity on the chosen song. The bigger and the better known the song the harder it is. Now to say I was a bit of a fan of The Doors would be an understatement, I’ve done the pilgrimage, seen the sites and still always hit Barney’s Beanery each time I visit LA.

The intro to the song is unrecognizable but the modern rock treatment actually works really well, they allow enough light and shade into the song and it loses none of its groove. The breakdown is a subtle retake on the original with the same feeling of gentle rain washing over you and when the guitar cuts in it takes the song to another level. Maybe not one for Doors traditionalists – but I liked it and it shows how creative the band can be, when many others would have played such a staple very straight indeed.

Go buy it, and if you are lucky enough to live in LA go check them out!

By Mark Diggins - The Rockpit

"CD Review: AFTER - Edges of the World EP"

Los Angeles based AFTER was founded by Jose Freitas and Brian Santner. Not that long after conception they released their first demo and self-titled album. Some line-up changes later, their second album came into being. And so now the Alternative Rock trio are performing from ‘Edges Of The World’. Even if you didn’t know they were from USA, listening to them would put you right on the trail of where they’re from, their sound is unmistakably American, it also has something from the grunge and even post-hardcore elements, albeit in not in an overwhelming measure. And even if it sounds a tad generic, it’s not bad at all - it has its own soul and some raw energy going and you could easily enjoy this single. Most remarkable from it is the DOORS cover ‘Riders on the Storm’ - a great and dynamic version. Worth a listen, for those enamoured by the genre, maybe even something they could moderately rave about. - Reflections of Darkness


Still working on that hot first release.



“The word is so simple and subtle,” explains Jose Freitas of his band’s name. “Of course people will go ‘AFTER what?,’ but if you really listen to bands like The Doors, or even look at the name Nirvana, it’s about evoking that state of bliss and transcendence; we believe you can get there through music.”

AFTER’s own music, notably on their latest six-song EP Life, is at once firmly grounded in infectious modern rock ‘n’ roll combined with introspective lyrics, often dealing with "not losing your center or letting technology, or the frenetic pace of modern society, take you away". That said, as evidenced by sold-out shows at premiere L.A. venues including the House of Blues, Viper Room and the Roxy, the band channels an onstage intensity akin to what a young Freitas first witnessed in his own father, a classical conductor in his home country of Portugal.

The trio has varied influences that mesh cohesively in AFTER: Denis is a California native who grew up on punk like Bad Religion and the Descendants before studying progressive instrumental virtuosos including Victor Wooten and Stu Hamm at Musician’s Institute. Newest member Mike Robbins brings heady classic rock influences ala John Bonham and Keith Moon to the band, while band founder Freitas was classically trained pianist and vocalist before discovering rock guitar.

2013’s Life is a “snapshot of where we were at the time,” while the band’s upcoming record, to be produced by 15-time Grammy winner Thom Russo (Audioslave, Juanes, AFI) will show even a feistier side of the band. “We’re a hard rock band, but we have something bubbling under that’s left of center. Unleashing and channeling my classical influences is really adding to our sounds, and I like to work with strings,” Freitas says. “We’re unafraid to innovate and take full advantage of experimenting with differing time signatures.”

Freitas has a history that’s as colorful as AFTER’s explosive stage show. Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Freitas grew up immersed in classical piano music including Debussy, Chopin, and Mahler; “the more chances they took, the crazier the chords, the more I loved it,” he remembers. By 5th grade, he’d discovered rock, and all bets were off. “A buddy gave me a tape which had ‘Jump’ from Van Halen, and I remember going around my room with my Walkman, and going crazy,” the singer recalls with a laugh. From there it was Queen, and other classic rock bands, then, AFTER more than a decade of conservatory and classical teachings, at 17 he got heavily into “grunge and Smashing Pumpkins, all those crazy American bands.” Naturally, Freitas bought an electric guitar and a bass, and joined his first bands while still in Lisbon. 

Freitas later relocated to LA to form AFTER and the band initially underwent a few lineup changes, but when Denis joined it kicked into high gear, further supplemented by the addition of Robbins in 2013. Though they’re a trio, AFTER manages to utilize both guitars and keyboards, as Freitas explains: “I’m just doing the Geddy Lee thing, but on guitar,” he laughs, referring to the RUSH bassist/vocalist. “There’s a keyboard next to me while I’m singing and playing guitar, so I pull triple duty when it's needed.

Denis’ recorded debut with the band was on the four-song EP Edges of the World, helmed by multi-platinum producer Barrett Yeretsian of “Jar Of Hearts” fame.. The song “Edges of the World” was subsequently re-recorded for 2013’s Life (produced by Staffan Österlind and Evan Rodaniche [Powerman 5000, Cage 9]) with a faster tempo. Edges of the World also features a re-imagined “AFTER-ized” version of the Doors’ gem “Riders on the Storm,” a popular staple of the trio’s live set. Videos complement the AFTER package of powerful recordings and frenzied live gigs. AFTER recently shot a video for “Soberland” at SIR’s Hollywood soundstage, while the “Edges of the World” clip came out in 2013.  Denis believes that “Edges” and “Through the Mayhem” are AFTER’s current standout representations, saying “Jose had gone through a tumultuous time in his life, and both lyrically, and in his studio performance, that angst was there. People tell me '...Mayhem’ gives them chills; it’s super emotive, raw and genuine” … not coincidentally, just like AFTER themselves.

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