Afterlife Family

Afterlife Family

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The Afterlife Family is a group similar to Wu-Tang Clan in the sense that we are all solo artist which come together once a year to release a compilation of the music we do. When we are not recording songs for the Afterlife Family CD's we work on our solo projects. We represent real Hip-Hop.


Afterlife Family is a hip-hop group that is different from most. Never before has so many talented solo artist worked together collectively to bring hip-hop to the forefront. Ryme C' produces tracks for artist from all over the USA. He believes that music is what keeps us sane and it's the key to communicating with one another. "Music is a universal language, and I want to share it with as many people as possible while sharing my connections. Music saved my life!"- Ryme C'.


Afterlife Family Releases:

Afterlife Family Reunion 08- Afterlife Family

Ryme C' Presents: The Trials and Tribulations of Equainess Price- Ryme C'

History in The Making- Ice-Berg

Last Man Standing- Ryme C'

Reggaeton Midwest Finest- Los Kallejeros

MC AK Presents... Masters of the Universe-Ryme C'

Set List

Set List:
Stomp Down
Smoke Til' I Choke
City By the Great Lakes
What it Do
Memory lane
24's on My Chevy
New Begining
Bring it Back
Hate On Me
The Best

Set Length: 45-60 Minutes. Have material for 2 hour set.

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