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Afterlife Parade

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Soul


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Live Review: Afterlife Parade"

“As the set list progressed, so did the energy of the band. Playing several tracks from their upcoming EP Rebirth due out in August, they became absolutely engulfed in the music to the point I was convinced the drummer would fly out of his seat.”

“By far, the highlight of the night was their current single and first song off of Rebirth, 'Black Woods, White Beach.' With such precision and skill, not to mention the existing friends in the music business, Afterlife Parade will have no problem breaking into the music scene and becoming somewhat of a household name in the next 5-10 years.”
- North of Nashville

"Review of Death by 402 Productions"

“The Death EP offers a mere glimpse of a potential future star in Quinn Erwin. It combines raw, personal emotions with friendly melodic hooks and tracks begging to be repeated.” - 402 Productions

"Review of Death by Lemonade Magazine"

“It's one of those EP's that you have to listen to from start to finish, it constantly builds towards that joyous and triumphant finish that Quinn was looking for. It is a solid and very enjoyable effort. So overall I would definitely have to say....mission accomplished.” - Lemonade Magazine

"Album Review: The Afterlife Parade-Death"

Afterlife Parade’s brand new EP Death, released January 31st, is a six-track playlist brimming with emotion. After experiencing a bout of loss himself, singer/songwriter Quinn Erwin was determined to write a song that celebrated death as a ‘homecoming’ rather than struggle. With a move to Nashville came a move in Erwin’s musical career, and the creation of an honest, stripped-back work of art. Produced by The Fray’s bassist Jeremy McCoy, Death is an EP that will provide a shoulder to cry on for any listener. The counterpart EP Rebirth is due for release in April and promises to deliver a completely different upbeat and percussive sound. It is clear already that Afterlife Parade is more than just a one-trick pony.
The EP’s self-titled track ‘Death’ has a soulful rock vibe that hits a spell of emotion immediately after the EP’s short introduction. It makes no hesitation in setting the bar for the rest of the tracks, with its mysterious vocal harmonies and rhythmic drum beats. It is Erwin’s vocals, though, that set the track alight. While the lyrics are repetitive, they are delivered in such a way that you not only hear the sound, but you listen to it. “It’s everywhere you look, It’s always on your mind, You can’t escape the tide”. The track has a hypnotic feel, much like that of the ‘Foals’ new album, and the distinctive undertones lead us into a place where we are submerged in pure musical talent.
‘Nothing But Love Can Stay’, is the most heartfelt track on the EP. It takes a different perspective instrumentally, with the addition of a piano. The strong chords support a deep vocal performance, while the female backing vocals provide a two-toned harmony that allows an easy listening, multi-instrumental track.
‘Arrows Fly’ is certainly a recommended track. While it takes a more of an acoustic approach than the hard-hitting ‘Death’, its depth is not compromised. The track starts slow, with the vocals dominating, supported only by a single guitar. The narrative tells a story of loss, which is bound to keep listeners hooked. Erwin tugs at the heartstrings, with a relatable track on more levels than one. While ‘Arrows Fly’ is lyrically simple, its meaning is left open for interpretation, and it is this that makes the track so beautiful.
‘Simple’ is a track which lives up to its name. Once again, only a guitar leads, with a soft plucking of the strings that fills your ears with a pleasant melody. It is a more husky vocal performance from Erwin, as he asks questions about love, and answers them in an unplugged, unedited manner. ‘Simple’ may, too many, seem the quietest track, but it is the lyrics that provide the magic. “I’ve tried so hard to figure you out, You’re way too big to get my head around, But if love is this simple, could we throw out all the rules?” The last track is an upbeat ending. ‘Afterlife Parade’ is filled with ooh’s and aah’s and is a real celebration. The song feels triumphant. It is supported with clapping, a strong drum beat and elevated vocals which you can’t help but smile to.
Death is an EP that has proved itself to be, on the contrary, full of life. It is clear that Afterlife Parade is here to stay, and with a second EP on the way, there is no denying why. The EP is a definite must to get you through February, whether you’ve experienced loss yourself, or you just need a good background song for your travels, it’s bound to impress. If you’ve got an acoustic side, or love a good alternative/rock song, Death is definitely for you. It shows, as an EP should, a new multi-talented artist with definite diversity. You can listen for free on their MySpace right now! - The Sound Alarm

"Afterlife Parade"

Quinn Erwin has been writing and performing for the past 12 years. His new EP Death, produced by Jeremy McCoy of The Fray, just hit online retailers today. Know wonder why this Ep sounds so great! This is the first EP in a two-part concept album, with the companion Rebirth out in April, 2011. Death is a deep, dark, black hole of atmospheric undertones with soaring vocals. Erwin says, “Rebirth is the exact opposite – it’s upbeat, percussive and a bit electronic.” I can’t stop listening to this, consider me hooked. - The Record Stack


Death-Released January 2011
Black Woods, White Beach (Single)-Released July 2011
Chinese Hand Drum (Single)-Released July 2011
Rebirth-Released August 2011



Afterlife Parade is a Nashville based indie rock collective led by Quinn Erwin.

Along with touring all over the U.S., Afterlife Parade has spent the last three years building an impressive resume for such a young act including being named a local lightning artist by Lightning 100, Nashville’s local independent radio station, headlining The University of Southern Mississippi’s inaugural tailgate series, gaining prominent placements for “Black Woods, White Beach” on the series premiere of MTV’s Underemployed and a St. Baldrick’s Foundation PSA announcement on Hulu, and most recently, being named a new and notable artist by Noisetrade.

Most recently, Afterlife Parade has been hard at work in the studio putting the finishing touches on AP’s newest project, a three song E.P. titled A Million Miles Away. June 24, 2014 will mark the release of this engaging and exciting new E.P. A Million Miles Away will include two previously released songs, the rock anthem “Break Away” and the soulful rock and roll heavy “Conquer It All,” and will be rounded out by the larger than life and atmospheric title track, “A Million Miles Away.” 

AMMA is a follow up E.P. to the previously released concept album Death and Rebirth. AP is hoping that their newest E.P. will show fans their range as well give a glimpse into the future of the direction of AP’s future projects. AP is aiming high and longing for much larger stages as they continue to “conquer” new territory and A Million Miles Away is a taste of the future for the kind of sound that belongs in those larger arenas.

But as always, AP’s most important message is that of community. Erwin states, “We believe in community… and the kind of music that we make fosters connectedness…what better way to grow a following than to start off in small spaces really getting to know our fans, them getting to know us, and then our ‘family’ gets so big overtime that we fill arenas?” 

“That’s a true parade if you ask me,” he finishes.

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