Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

 Russellville, Arkansas, USA

Afternoon Delight is a blues rock from Arkansas.Seriously heavy, blues-soaked hard rock with very raw explosive stage energy.Afternoon Delight appeals to all ages and genres.Constantly setting the bar in the local scene time and time again.If you get the chance do not miss Afternoon Delight!!!!


Afternoon Delight formed in summer of 08 consisting of Josh Hull/vocs-guitar,Brett Walters Lead guitar,Trent Dewitt Bass and,Ozzy Overton Drums.Building their influences from bands such as Rage against the machine,clutch,Incubus,Metallica,rock n roll any kind of blues,beer,liqueur partying and much more.Forming a sound referred to many times as seriously heavy, blues-soaked hard rock with very raw explosive stage enrgy.Since that time Afternoon Delight self-release their first CD (devil in disguise) riding the success of the CD A/D has played all over the state.A/D has opened for Saliva,The Used,Thriving Ivory,Finding Jimmy Hoffa,HiFi.A/D has traveled and played a in neighboring states,thrown our own show and parties with up to 2,000 people at times.we love to rock and hope you dig us.we are working on our new cd.It should be out by the end of the summer.So come out our live show.everybody loves a little Afternoon Delight!!!!!!


Great Debate is Afternoon delights first single off their self titled album.The album with be released in January of 2011. There are streaming track on our myspace,facebook, and revebnation of Great Debate,Stud Breaking up bud,Fire fight,and Heavy E.Fire Fight receives weekly airplay on the local Arkansas rock station 100.3 The Edge