Afternoon Moon

Afternoon Moon

 Ottawa, Illinois, USA

Afternoon Moon is on the rise and building a reputation of a funky, energetic performance with dedicated musicians. Pure psychedelic soul with dueling twins trading melodies. Live shows have really become a must see! A true vintage infusion of sonic improvisation and an honest homegrown feel.


Afternoon Moon is an Illinois based was band formed in 2011, and consists of twin brothers, Josh (guitar/vocals) and Jordan Daniels (keys/vocals), Justin Crabb (percussion), and Louie Giacobbe (bass).

The band has an interesting sound that has been described as both psychedelic soul and funk rock that is honest. After playing clubs shows and a couple of independent tours, they've garnered some comparison to bands like Tea Leaf Green and My Morning Jacket. The Daniels brothers' lyrics are memorable- speaking of adventure, passion, and searching for experience.

Live performances have become a must see, with a vintage infusion of sonic improvisation and an honest homegrown feel. They have built a reputation of a funky and energetic performance with dedicated musicians.

With one album completed (released December 2011) and another on the way, theres no sign of stopping. They have toured festivals and clubs in the midwest and played as far as Colorado, New York, West Virginia, and Ohio. Just seeking to see the country through the power of true music. The Daniels Twins duel it out with an incredible back beat provided by Justin and Louie. This is an experience you wont soon forget.

-Notable 2012 festivals included Summer Camp Music Festival, Cabin Fever Indoor Music Festival, Whippersnap Music Festival, Grateful Garcia Gathering, Shoe Fest, Jammin on the Wolf, SpaceStock, Farmfest 450, and Putnam County Art Fair.


Ship Captain Crew

Written By: Josh & Jordan Daniels

There’s a captain of a houseboat,
Down Mississippi way,
Wears nothing but an overcoat,
Drinks electric tang ray,
Traded in the boat,
Now he took off in a plane,
Couldn’t get it off the ground,
Rode the shoulder down the lane,

He’s the captain of an airplane,
On the state highway,
Driving with the lights off,
Likes living life that way,
He lost all contol,
And ran into a tree,
It fell on to a circus tent,
And started a jamboree,

He’s in a
In a jail upstate,
Digging out with a plastic spoon,
Get out someday,
Jumps the fence,
And gives one last wave,
Guard in the tower,
Had to force him to his grave,

He’s chasing that light,
On the sky stairway,
Life flashing before his eyes,
All the memories that he’s made,
Reaches the gate,
Guilty as sin,
Had to turn around,
Saint Peter wouldn’t let him in