AfterPhurikane is exciting new composition of ancient Roma-Gypsy music from a remote community in Slovakia. Every audience is captivated by the sheer beauty and quality of this haunting and exhilarating music


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Project afterPhurikane started in 2007 as an experiment for a music dialogue between Gipsy and non-Gipsy musicians. In continuation to ethnomusicological research of Roma ancient songs on the East of Slovakia (completed by authentic records Phurikane gila, Hoj na nej na, Karacona and Odi kali mackica) it strives for a creation of innovated or brand new songs influenced by Roma music.

This project has nominated for musical even of the year in Slovakia and awarded the “Music Culture Project of the Year in Slovakia” in both 2010 and 2011. The significance of this award is that it is voted for by 100 artistic professionals, for its strong musical meaning and authentic musical language.

It has been performed at Classical and Rock Music festivals in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Belgium, Germany and Hungary.


afterPhurikane - Zudro