After Salem

After Salem

 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


In 2005 Morgan, who is now the lead singer/writer/and rhythm guitarist of After Salem was accepted into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. That year the academy gave him the highest scholarship they gave anyone from 3 different countries. He couldnt afford to live out there. After driving out to Los Angeles from Indianapolis, Indiana and staying at a Days Inn in Santa Monica, CA, Morgan had to leave because he couldnt find a roomate. He drove back to Indianapolis completely heart broken.

A few months pass and Morgan forms a band from an old hobby he picked up in highschool, the guitar. They called themselves Torn Out at first. He taught himself by learning tabs from all of his favorite bands, who he now considers teachers. In 2008 Morgan spent the last $500 he had on recording two songs for their demo. Those songs were "Just The Same" and "Picture." A month goes by after submitting these songs to everyone he knows and even passing free demos out at Logan International. After Salem gets heard on the radio for the first time. The members of the band at the time, Morgan, Josh, Detro, and John's phones all go nuts as their friends are calling and texting them that they are being played on Indy's only alternative rock station X103.3. That moment made them to decide that they were going back into the studio for more of this addiction. "These Things" was next up on the list to be recorded. That song is now their single and they are currently about to launch an online radio. sattellite radio, and college radio that very well could take them straight to the top!

The current members of After Salem are now Morgan Casteel, Adam Detro, Jack Martin, and Ricky Ramos.