After The Ice

After The Ice

 London, England, GBR

ATI deliver a thunderous wall of sound that can spiral in any direction but remains beautifully cornered with cascading melodies and soaring vocals. Listening to their music one could be reminded of pioneering proggers Mountain and VDG Generator, or even the Cult and early Teardrops. Seismic!


The London based band was formed in 2007. Their debut EP "It Happens All The Time" featured on the US's ABC Fame Games radio show and broadcast in 150 countries worldwide. This saw ATI win "Best Male Vocalist" in their Effigy Awards in January 2009, as well as being nominated for Best Indie Group and Best Song. The band has toured Spain, France, Slovakia and more recently the Ukraine and Poland (including Przystanek).

The band recently released their 2nd EP "Commence", which made the playlist of 13 European and 9 US radio stations and is available on itunes.

An eclectic melting pot of sonic landscapes, a maelstrom of spinning ideas, and innovative incarnations combining to deliver gloriously harmonious, tightly packed indie rock songs, always driven by the voice of Paul Lisak's guitar.

Singer, songwriter and guitarist, Paul Lisak is a self-taught musician of Franco-Russian origin, who grew up in London. He is also a distinguished award winning painter, who evokes memories of Caravaggio with his darkly, renaissance-like brush strokes. His style produces highly figurative paintings stooped in renaissance and baroque techniques, but firmly rooted in contemporary themes such as multiculturalism and the controversial war in Iraq.

ATI are progressive, independent-minded and unashamedly populist. But this music only feels complete when shadows and colours stain the sonic stage. After the Ice is above all an experience, a concept born of music, painting and performance.


EP: It Happens all the Time - 2008
EP: Commence - 2010

Set List

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