After The Sirens

After The Sirens


A landmark on the map of up-and-coming bands, After The Sirens takes aim at the national scene from Boston's snowy North Shore. Fans in New England and beyond are learning why Rolling Stone magazine named After The Sirens as Massachusetts' best local act.


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After The Sirens has established not only a wide fan base, but a unique, infectious sound. Instead of perpetuating the music of a well-worn market, the band is writing music that takes the element of passion from post-hardcore and applies it to melodic, pop-hooked rock and roll. The result is a sound that will doubtlessly win over not only fans coming out of the emo / hardcore genres, but also a much larger audience.

Proving themselves to be one of the most determined regional bands in the country, the five young men that compose After The Sirens are gearing up to trade DIY management and promotion for national interest. 2006 is already proving to be an important year for After The Sirens, with several national magazines running rave reviews and promotional CDs of the band, as well as a national television debut scheduled to air in March. After over two years of persistent self-promotion, After The Sirens signed on with Boston indie label, Blue Duck Records in January, 2006, proving that they are indeed the band to watch.


"What I Have To Give, Let It Be Enough"
full length album
released November 28, 2006 on Blue Duck Records

"We Have No White Flags"
8 song EP
released independently April 5, 2005

Set List

As often as is possible, After The Sirens tailors the set to the audience to offer fans a unique, personal experience. With an arsenal of nearly 20 original songs at both the softer and harder ends of the indie / post-hardcore spectrum, the band generally opens sets with an energetic song like "Only God Can Save Us" (as seen nationally on Steelroots, airing March 13 and 17, 2006).

The band is comfortable with set lengths ranging from 20 minutes to 50 minutes, and will deliver an intense, memorable performance regardless of the time allotted to them.

After The Sirens strives to create meaningful music that is delivered in a passionate, poetic, and unconventional way. With a strong focus on live performance, the band uses a distinctly theatrical method to showcase accessible, excellent music and a wider range of artistic elements with emphases on hope, open inquiry, and forgiveness.