After Thought

After Thought


WE THINK WE’RE F’ING AWESOME, BUT DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT… “Sounding like Down on the Upside era Soundgarden mixed with NY Loose. If Papa Roach weren’t shit, they may be lucky enough to sound this good.” (THE FLY) “A band that draws you in and keeps you to the end” (BBC HAMPSHIRE)


After Thought deliver raw, melodic, addictive rock music.

Based on the ethos that music should be heard and not ‘scene’, After Thought developed into a modern rock powerhouse standing apart as a leader amongst a generation of followers. Delivering a crushing set full of hooks and sing-a-long chorus, the band always ensures that the audience is grabbed from the moment the first chord is struck until the last cymbal crash dies.

After Thought has developed an original sound in today’s musical climate, successfully blending cross-Atlantic influences to form a distinct and modern sound. Standing shoulder to shoulder with the band has been their dedicated fan base.

After recording a three-track EP to announce their arrival on the UK South-coast music scene, After Thought smashed their way onto the gigging circuit. Their home town has always been Southampton however the band have played shows in Central London, Camden, Brighton, Guildford, Oxford as well as doing a tour of UK Universities. Prestigious gigs have included being the first unsigned act to open the ‘Rocktoberfest’. After Thought were also semi-finalists in the South Coast Idol competition, and won great admiration from the judging panel as the only rock band to make it that far in the competition.

After Thought have been developing their profile and have appeared on the BBC’s New Artist slot on Radio Hampshire – being described as a ‘professional, exciting, energetic and modern’ act and ‘clearly the best band of the night’. Other radio appearances have included performing a live acoustic set on Radio Solent, as well as having their music added to regular play lists on Sin and Skyline Radio.

Most recently After Thought returned to the studio recording completing a 7 track EP before turning their attention to writing their first full album.

After Thought are back and ready to show the UK music scene just what it has been missing!

Media Clippings:

…Decked out entirely in black and sounding like ‘Down on the upside’, era ‘Soundgarden’, mixed with NY Loose. If Papa Roach weren’t shit, they may be lucky enough to sound this good. (THE FLY)

“Loads of Energy, Really Exciting, the sound hooked me right from the beginning! Best of the night with their boy-band vocals meets heavy guitars a la System of A Down and Lost Prophets. A band that draws you in and keeps you to the end” (BBC HAMPSHIRE NEW ARTISTS, TREVOR MADDISON AND MIKE FLANNERY)

“The best gigs are the ones where you can actually see the band enjoying themselves… This is why I was incredibly impressed with After-Thought, and can safely say it was one of the best gigs I’ve been to all year. They opened with their trademark track ‘Say What You Want To Say’ and immediately set the standards for the rest of the night.” (PENNY LANE, WESSEX SCENE MAGAZINE)

“...I feel the hairs rise on the back of my neck. These guys can play, and do so with gusto; a top live act – and one that manages to pull off one of the hardest tricks for a band of this ilk, in keeping all of that excitement intact in their studio output... very well done!” (UK BANDS.NET)


After Thought - EP (7 track) (2009)

BBC Hampshire New Artist Review 2007

Sin Radio (Solent Univesrity) Main Play list 2007-2009

South Coast Idol Semi Finalists 2007

Skyline Radio Main Playlist 2007

Set List

After Thought’s set is a sonic assault of their original tracks which are guaranteed to keep the crowd singing along long after the band has finished partying on stage. Fan-favourites include the anthemic ‘Say What You Want To Say’ and ‘Another Excuse to Hate Me’, the dark and brooding ‘PipeLine’ and the modern classic, lighters in the air moment, ‘A Million Stars Away’