BandHip Hop

The music is revolutionary and very cutting edge. It is rooted with the feel of old school hip hop with a modern twist. Each member brings his own flavor to the table, emerging is a beautiful blend of boom bap hip hop, soul, jazz as well as alternative rock.


Harrisburg based imprint, STLP, proudly presents the formation of its newest hip hop group: After.Words. Consisting of emcees Wellis Fool of A.O.I, El*A*Kwents, windchILL of A.O.I., and Apollo's Sun, After.Words is the culmination of lyricists sharing similiar ideas and morals. The final vertebrae completing After.Words' spine come in the form of multi-talented DJ/Musician: Dj Gard of A.O.I. Each individual of After.Words has extensive experience in their respective realm of work and are all seasoned performers on the live show circuit. Each artist in After.Words has traveled well beyond Pennsylvania's borders to show their lyrical prowess on stage and have opened for national recording acts such as: Hieroglyphics, The Pharcyde, Krs-One, Method Man, Masta Killa, Louis Logic, and Inspectah Deck. After.Words hosts a solid rock foundation, broken down into individual stones all represented by the artists who make up the group.

Wellis Fool contributes his no holds barred, socially aware lyrics with his own unique style of production while also overseeing artistic design of the After.Words project. New Hampshire bred El*A*Kwents offers a politically charged arsenal of songwriting skills and third eye perspectives to the collective. Emcee windchILL's aggressive lyrics and explosive live performances solidify After.Words stance as a group on a mission. Apollo's Sun brings his own unique blend of heart felt poetry and intense stage presence to the After.Words table. Finally, the web of After.Words is threaded together by DJ Gard who handles a bulk of the group's engineering duties. In addition to his menacing studio abilities, Gard is the DJ for After.Words, creating the backdrop for the group during live performances. Beside ravaging songs together, After.Words prides themselves in their abilities to remain self efficient, rarely looking outside of their circle to create, distribute, and promote their sonic creations.

After.Words is a group with a purpose, a synchronized brain of like minded artists fed up with the current state of hip hop. While synthetic "rappers" cater to ignorance, After.Words stands firm in their decision to create music to further the mind without the influence of society's devious hands.

To date all the members of After.Words have released 8 albums combined, all of which were released on STLP. After.Words released their lead single "Maybe" on January 17th 2009. It was also accompanied with a video that has garnered much success. On March 14th After.Words took the final step and released their full length cd entitled "Before the War". It features production from all ends of the earth including, Switzerland, Romania, Germany, Canada, and the United States. Directly following the release After.Words hit the road on tour. They hit 8 different cities in the north east United States in 12 days. They performed with the likes of Louis Logic(Fat Beats), Reef the Lost Cauze(Army of the Pharaohs), King Magnetic(Army of the Pharaohs) and many more.

After.Words has a few missions in mind. One is to entertain the other is to enlighten. In a world where the truth is held captive out of the public eye, After.Words aims to shed light on those truths. There weapons of choice are mind numbing rhymes, top notch production, and an unmatched stage intensity.


After.Words - Maybe Maxi-Single [2008]
El*A*Kwents - Rex 84 EP [2008]
Wellis Fool - Better or Different [2008]
Apollo's Sun - Rust EP [2007]
windchILL - I Have Arrived [2007]
Apollo's Sun - The Happy Masochist EP [2006]
Artists Over Industry - Leaps & Bounds [2006]
Artists Over Industry - Research & Development [2004]
El*A*Kwents - Lucid [2004]

Set List

Usually we perform 30-45 minute sets but have a catalog of work that spans over 5 hours. All songs are original hip hop and their tempo varies from chill to riotous. Primarily we are performing song off of our cumulative debut, "Before the War" but add unique solo offerings when called for.