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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Concert Review - Feb. 08"

I saw After You for the first time several weeks ago. Instantly, the vocals caught me off guard; I was not expecting to hear the maturity or experience from the sound as I did. And this all before the first song was over. As the set continued, there were two words that stuck in my head throughout: potential and unnecessary.

Almost everything about the band screams potential. Ironically, the only unnecessary part was the screaming. It's rather apparent that I simply do not understand the screaming that has become surprisingly prevalent in much of today's music. It was also apparent though, that everything else easily made up for the one downfall that can only be considered my opinion.

The overall harmonic sound was at times subtle but the individual instruments always added to the ownership of the music. Each member knew their role and played them out nearly perfectly. I only say "nearly" due to the relevant inexperience and quite simply newness of the band. But again I have to come back to potential. I don't think I've ever seen, and doubt will ever see again, a drummer actually have 3 drumsticks out at once...

Quite honestly I was stunned with the overall performance. The appropriateness of the instrumental extensions, the changes in chords and melodies, and simply the presentation. And while the lyrics give away the age of the band and a few mannerisms revealed a slight lack of confidence, everything, both good and bad, was beautifully covered by well played music. Which forces me to come back to one thing: potential. - Paul Simon - Independent Writer

"Self Titled EP Review"

Blew me away*****
By Matthew H.

This album really is great. I know an album is worth it when I can listen from the first song to the last without skipping tracks. This is one of those albums. From the skillfully played guitar riffs to the vein-busting screams to the teeth-kicking bass drum, this After You rocks hard and gives its listeners lyrics to wrestle with in the process. I would recommend this CD to listeners of Thrice and the like. - Itunes - Customer Review


"After You" Self Titled EP.



Born out of a belief that some of the best songs often outlive the lifespan of a band, After You chooses to write songs that the listener can take home and make their own.

After playing together off and on since middle school, they officially arrived on the scene with this mentality and a complete lineup in early 2008. Since their arrival last year, they have played numerous shows in Oregon, Washington, and California as well as recorded their Self Titled EP with producer Kris Krummet at Interlace Audio in the late Fall. Driven by positive reviews from venues, promoters and fans, they entered the new year with an album and their experience beneath their belt.

As 2009 progresses, they hope to add twice as many shows and travel even further than before.