a fvn ride

a fvn ride


A Fvn Ride will rock your Mind, Body, and Spirit with straightforward body-shakin' rockers!


A Fvn Ride – Bio

A Fvn Ride is: Marc-Andre ('Bedz') Bedard – lead guitar, Ivan ('Fearless Leader') Freud – rhythm guitar and vocals, Yanick ('Yvil') Renault - bass, and Guillaume ('Big G') Vaillancourt. – drums.

Ivan started writing songs while living in Japan nearly fifteen years ago. His first band was 'Wood' a folk-rock outfit that played such renowned houses of ill repute as 'Jailhouse Rock,' 'Barfly,' 'Club One', and 'Green Room.' After the break-up of Wood, Ivan went on to do his Master's in the History and Philosophy of Religion but kept writing tunes. Having finished his degree, he landed a job as a Spiritual Care and Guidance and Community Involvement Animator and was assigned to a number of local schools, one of which being the one where he met Yanick and Marc-Andre.

It was at this high school that Yanick, who had played bass with a plethora of Halifax punk bands, was working as a child-care worker for students with special needs, and Marc-Andre, a self-taught guitarist who was looking for his first band experience, was teaching history.

Guillaume had been the drummer for the great Quebec rock band, 'Franco-American,' who managed to put out two excellent albums. Ivan had met Guillaume when he was cast as the lead in Franco's first video - 'Tom, Fait de la Magie!'

With Guillaume driving the music, A Fvn Ride was born!

AFR has since rocked 'Barfly', 'Inspecteur Epingle', and 'Crobar' and looks forward to rockin' you!



Written By: Ivan Freud

Turn by Ivan Freud

Yeah, you
You keep on talkin'
Well I ain't listening

As it would seem
That your greed
Is no less than unbridled
So all you want is always more
Always more, always more

But you see ours
Is not the gold of the vulgar
And we ain't buyin' yours
No nevermore

So if you're
Done with your lyin'
We're gonna turn to truth
And let it grow
Gonna let it grow
Gonna let it roar!

Gonna let it - Yeah let it - Gonna let it - Grow!

Yeah, you
You keep on hawkin'
Well man, I'm walkin' out your door
As you persist
In pollutin', consumin', abusin'
Our home
Our humble globe, our humble globe
Yet you, you leave me with no reason
Yeah, you're logic's flawed
It's just for show

So if you're
Done with your teasin'
We're gonna turn to love
And let it grow
Gonna let it grow
Gonna let it roar!

Gonna let it - Yeah let it - Gonna let it - Grow!


Written By: Ivan Freud

Shakti by Ivan Freud

She had the courage to give what she wanted
She had the wisdom to not fight back
She gave her lovin' with no expectations
And so much hope couldn't turn my back

Yet I keep on fallin'
Despite my aspirations
I beat on me like they did before
Oh, how we resist so much of what's being given
And still we learn to yearn for more

Still she's my Shakti
Like Siva's Shakti
She's my Shakti, yeah you know that she's my girl
She's my Shakti
Like Siva's Shakti
She's my Shakti, you know that she's my world

And though I may have made mistakes in the past
They have brought me here everlast
And while I sometimes long for younger days gone by
They got me laughin' while I try
How we try,
How we cry
Tryin' to save our world

Still she's my Shakti
Like Siva's Shakti
She's my Shakti and you know that she's our world

So how is it each time you say it is, it isn't
Each time you say it isn't, it is
It seems so pointless to fight the oscillations
And why is it so hard to give
Yeah I could've done it many times before
I could have settled not pushed on for more
Yet it seems so clear now that she's inside
And I'm feeling proud now that I've let go of my pride

She's my Shakti
Like Siva's Shakti
She's my Shakti, you know that she's our world!


Written By: Ivan Freud

Beloved by Ivan Freud

If there is such a thing as love
I will my will be thine
If there isn't, then I hope
That everything works out alright

'Cause I feel we're in the fallout
Fear we're runnin' out of time
Could it be that it's all your fault
Or as ever, is it 'I, me, mine?'

If so, I vow not to forget to be lovin' and kind
'Cause it's the only peace that you'll find
On this trip we're on my friend
With no end

And no, I won't let a moment slip away
I have heard it said, I say
Be the change you wish to see in the world
Give it a whirl

Yeah, you're beloved
You are everything that you need
You are the air that you breathe
You are the song that we are singin'
Keep on singin': Love!

Is everything that we've seen
It is everything that we've been
It is the dream that we are dreamin'
Keep believin'!

All alone in analog
I dream of surfin' a square wave
Are we too far gone? I look around
Is there anything left to save?

Drive it in the ground or turn it around
Or start diggin' our own graves
Just keep keepin' on - Keep your head down, man
It's o.k. - It'll soon be over, anyway

You're beloved - So beloved
Always were always will be Love!
So be Love! So beloved!
Always were, always will be


6 song eponymous EP ( Soundcloud and MySpace):

Comfort Thee
All I Got
Broken Apple