Again and Again

Again and Again


We are a pop rock band right from the heart of Seattle. For fans of bans like This Providence, Paramore, and Fall Out Boy. Accompanying is a solid, fun, energetic live show to invoke emotion and a little dancing.


Buck up fella!

Things aren't so bad.

... promise.

We are again and again. And we make music that we love. Music that will make you dance, cry, laugh, and sing. I will tell you where we've been, but it has nothing to do with where we're going.

again and again was formed in June 2007. It started as a loose idea bouncing around the head of Geoffrey Walker, newly released from his position as vocalist for On the last Day. As he scoured the interweb for a collaborator, one young man shone above the rest. And then there were two. Derek Casey, and his brilliant guitar hooks and sense of melody, joined the band. The interweb's bounty however, was not yet spent, as another piece of talent bubbled up from the depths. Drummer Wes Keely, who's other projects have ranged from small indie rock bands, to hardcore legends like Walls of Jericho and Throwdown, officially joined the humble ranks. So the writing began. The songs poured out, and as they did, so did a cry for a solid rhythm section. Thus friend and bassist extraordinaire Anthony Taylor arrived. But what's this? There's more? Indeed, as our ambition grew, we realized that our instrumentation could be taken to heights with another member. Andrew Meyer, a natural rockstar and all-round dude, slid right in. Finally, as it became clear that 2 guitars were required to properly deliver the rock, David Chase filled the void. BAM!

There you go, sport. Now you know where we came from. This is where we're going.

We are not what you'd expect. We are going to do something that comes from the pure rush of playing music. Something that can be so beautiful that it can fill you up with love. And something so real that it can echo in your pain. Join us on our limb, it's effing crazy out here.

You'll love it, champ.

We promise.


Set List

1.) I'm Sorta Freddie Krueger
2.) Buck Up Fella
3.) Believe and Breathe
4.) Laser Beats, Yo
5.) Without Me Around
6.) More Ripley, Less Darrow

Set time can be 1/2 - 1 hour, longer if requested.