We would describe ourselves as a versatile band. The music is very extreme, but melodic as well.


Agressive vocals and guitar riffs combined with pulsating rhythms define the structure of Against. Their music is remarkably versatile, as each member of the band contributes a wide range of influences. The songs are intense, but melodic as well, and the lyrics reveal a darker side of life.

Against was fromed in the rustic coal town of Logan, WV in 1993. WV Natives Preston Samson(drums), Nate Stuart(guitar and vocals), and Douglas Kelly (lead vocals and bass). In 1994 the trio relocated to Pittsburgh. While in Pittsburgh, the band recruited Tom Supernovich who replaced Kelly on bass. Nate stepped up and took over the vocals for the band, when Kelly left the band.

In 1996 Against returned to Charleston, WV where their audience has expanded to immense proportions. In early 1998 they released their first full length recording, entiteled, Those Days Are Over. Their debut album topped the metal charts on for six strait weeks. It has aired on many radio stations throughout the tri-state area and was featured on the local telivision program, WV

Against has performed at Charleston's Stern Wheel Regatta, headlining the local stage. The band has participated in five Kanawhapalooza Festivals and has played countles shows with fellow bands: Static X, Dope, 420 Monks, Byzantine, Rasclaat, Meatjack, Nob, Freak Tent, Liecus and many others.

Their second studio project, Spiritual Technology, was released in July of 2002. The album is now being aired frequently on several radio stations. Spiritual Technology contains nine tracks
with edgy lyrics and trubulent music. The album is seasoned with punk, funk, metal pop, and a dash of classical.

The newest member of against is Shaun Clay on guitar. He was formerly with the band Suxxion. Shaun is now a fully functional quarter, contributing harmonnies and strenghthening the unit. Presently Against is preparing for a third studio project and east coast tour.


Mutiny: Spiritual Technology
Gone : Spiritual Technology
Mallet: Those Days are Over
Wisdom: Those Days are Over
My Bitter Half: Spiritual Technology
Slugworth: Spiritual Technology
Modern Evil: Those Days are Over
Bilderbergerz: Spiritual Technology
Those Days are Over: Self titled
Searching: Those Days are Over
Mechanical Deity: Spiritual Technology

Set List

Modern Evil
Those Days are Over
Wish (NIN)
My Bitter Half
Mechanical Deity
Suite Pea (SOAD)
The Hoax