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San Francisco, California, United States | SELF

San Francisco, California, United States | SELF
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"SoulTracks review of Darryl Anders~AgapeSoul Limited Edition EP"

As a successful supporting musician, Darryl Anders had plenty of experience pumping out classic soul and funk with influential musicians. Anders' time with Narada Michael Walden, Booker T. Jones (Booker T & The M.G.'s), Zigaboo Modeliste (The Meters) and Tower of Power was well invested and fueled his personal mission to present organic, passionate soul music into the millennium with a slight twist. Anders, along with talent from the San Francisco Bay area, has released the Agape Soul Limited Edition EP, which sets the stage for a future full length release. In the course of four tracks, Agape Soul cleverly blends the golden days of soul with pinches of contemporary jazz, gospel and pop. Despite some jazzy overtones, Agape Soul is not meant to be mistaken for a ‘smooth jazz' concoction, and the raw vocal performances and live instrumentation should hopefully dissuade this notion.

Agape Soul boosts a tight rhythm section (Lynette Williams, Aaron Green and Anders), colorful sax playing from Vince Lars and a terrific vocal cast. Those who enjoy the soul jazz stylists from the seventies and eighties such as Phyllis Hyman and Randy Crawford will appreciate "Don't Say You Love Me" from guest vocalist Zoe Ellis. Her rich alto definitely resembles urban gospel's Helen Baylor. Besides handling the bass guitar and songwriting duties, Anders showcases his own vocal skills. His baritone lends a tender touch to the ballad, "Time Cannot Erase." Indra Jones conveys an understated soulfulness on the mid tempo, bass popping grooved "Tell Me Where It Hurts" and the gospel-infected "Voice of Reason." Overall, Agape Soul provides a refreshing perspective at soul's golden days, and it will be interesting to hear what Anders has in store for the hopefully near future.

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- Soul Tracks - Peggy Oliver

"Soulchoonz Y2K album review | AgapeSoul"

AgapéSoul is the brainchild of Darryl Anders, and what he has conceived here is a wonderful blend of real soul dashed with jazz, and easily one of the best releases out of the US at this current time. AgapéSoul have issued this stunning limited edition pre-release and I for one cannot recommend it highly enough. Recall, if you will, the classy efforts of Nathan Heathman back in 2000, as well as the musical strengths of pre-smooth jazz music. This limited release is completely consistent, powerful and totally essential. Although only 4 tracks complete this set, each one is without fault. Track one, then is the slinky, sax drenched "Don't Say U Love Me"...if female vocalists in the vein of Brenda Hilman, Ada Dyer (Miss Adriatha) or Helen Baylor are to your taste then the superb vocalist Zoe Ellis is one that you really need to pay attention to. She has that edge and stands shoulder to shoulder with all these esteemed ladies. Darryl Anders himself adds bass and background vocals, Lynette Williams on keys, aaron Green on drums, Errol Cooney on guitars, Indra Jones on backing vocals and Vince Lars on sax. Together that create a cracking slice of modern soulful jazz.

"Time Cannot Erase" features Darryl Anders on vocals, and the flavour here reminds me of a Norman Connors effort, even George Duke. Vocally, Darryl is not in the league of the likes of Al Johnson, Beau Williams or Glenn Jones, but has the timbre of, say Raymond Jones. Gentle, slightly gritty and enchanting nonetheless. This is a great number and Vince Lars sax is really special. "Tell Me Where It Hurts" is well supported by great bass playing, and the dreamy 80s keys supplement Indra Jones' vocals very nicely. Fresh, supple and sexy, Indra Jones' vocals help make this track a sorely needed oasis in today's desert of auto-tuned, rap-filled nonsense. So much so she adds more of her delicacies onto us with the brilliant, socially conscious "Voice Of Reason". I cannot rate these songs highly enough, and only wished that we had more material coming out of the US of this quality. The recording quality is superb, the level of musicianship is first rate and on this basis I am extremely expectant of what the full album release may hold. An exciting release without doubt. - Soulchoonz - Barry Towler

"AgapéSoul Review from"

AgapéSoul Review @ Sonic Soul

Less is more. With just four tracks on the CD, bass player Darryl Anders introduces us to his vision of soul. As mentioned in the opening, Darryl and his team of west coast soul-jazz specialist' are focused on the presentation of this high class musical effort.

Beats & Grooves that are as soft as butter and precisely balanced with soul and jazz elements running through all four songs. With clever hooks and great production AgapéSoul is easily on par with standards of this genre. Their polished sound is well suited for the adult connoisseur - more music on the full length CD will follow soon. - Sonic Soul - Joerg Michael Schmitt


Darryl Anders~AgapéSoul Limited Edition EP is now available on iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon. Since the release it has been getting airplay on streaming radio stations worldwide. Hear what people are saying about the first single.....
"Tell Me Where It Hurts" is just stunning Darryl....what a magnificent piece of music. The whole EP is sublime" Paul Goldsmith / Select Soul

"Tell Me Where It Hurts" is utterly mind blowing, what a tune! Great work on the whole EP folks, big respect to you.
Roger Williams / Soul City Radio

"Tell Me Where It Hurts" Simply breath-taking.. one of the best tunes of 2010 without a doubt .. 3 seconds in on first listen and I just knew it was going to be special. It's a wonderful EP
Lin Taylor / Modern Soul

AgapeSoul's "Tell Me Where It Hurts" on the Soulsorts top 25 best songs of 2010

AgapèSoul on the Best of 2010 playlist @ SelectSoul



Darryl Anders~AgapéSoul, is a modern soul band based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The team--comprised of mastermind Darryl Anders, Indra Jones, Aaron Green, Vince Lars, Mike Blankenship, and Cam Perridge--is all about love and soul.

Bassist, singer, songwriter and producer Darryl Anders’ credits include gigs with Tower of Power, Narada Michael Walden, Zigaboo Modeliste, Booker T. Jones, Joyce Cooling, and two-time Grammy-nominee Ledisi, but millions of videogame-crazy kids have heard his bass, production, and vocal skills on Karaoke Revolution, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band.

The moment you put on the gospel-tinged “Don’t Say U Love Me,” featuring guest vocalist Zoe Ellis, you’ll be transported back to a time when musicians played real instruments, songs had enduring melodies, and lyrics actually said something. Anders’ husky baritone and Lars’ soulful sax work make “Time Cannot Erase” take its place high up on the list of modern baby-making music. Jones’ sultry vocals on the funky yet laid-back “Tell Me Where It Hurts” is just what the doctor ordered. The Latin flavored “Voice of Reason” reminds us that love is indeed everlasting. If you like real music, you'll love AgapéSoul.

Besides being highly skilled purveyors of soulful originals, the band represents a movement, a new voice of music from the old school. Their goal is to bring something positive to listeners. “It is not about us, as people or as musicians. It’s about the songs,” says Anders. “I’ve been blessed with an opportunity to share my music with the world, and I hope AgapéSoul will inspire and encourage everyone who hears us.”