The style of the band Agata Vilchik & Echo of the second sun is intuitive ethno improvisation, world music, experimental music and psychodeliya. The specific of this Project is its experimental character as groups of spectators are witnesses of act, almost mystical one.


It is a new creative phenomenon, the creator of which is Agata Vilchyk-musician, poet, artist from Kharkov. She has been performing since 2000. At the beginning as the performer of the bard song (prize winner of numerous competitions, including the international ones), later on as the founder of project, performing her author works. Nowadays Agata and the band Echo of the second sun’s concerts are clear improvisation, which comes from the depth of her soul and will never be repeated. Agata plays many musical instruments - the guitar, the viola, the saxophone, the contrabass, the violoncello, drums.
In 2005 on Sergey Vasil`ev`s invitation (the Head of the Group “Auction”, Saint-Petersburg). Agata performed with a number of concerts in Saint-Petersburg where she made acquaintance with Natalya Pivovarova (former Group “Kolibri) and a number of joint concerts were given as the result of their creative union ( Kiev, “ The Palace of Officers”, Moscow, the Club “ The Chinese Pilot Jao Da” ) and they recorded their demo-CD.
In October, 2005 the film was made by the local TV, devoted to Agata`s creative work named “ Maestro Agata”. Agata is a participant of many programs on the local TV.
During summer 2006, Agata gave a number of concerts in Moscow( “Veresk”, “The World of Adventure” ); at A. Samoylov`s place, also she took part in the program “ Laboratory “ on the radio-station “Culture”.
From September 2006 Agata has been performing with her band ECHO of THE SECOND SUN. It was the beginning of her active concert activity (Moscow, Kiev, Poltava, Sumy ), the bend took part in the awarding ceremony of the National Prize “ Ukrainian Rock Awards” ( Kiev,2007) and also participated in the Festival “ Kupava on the Rozhaika” ( Moscow, summer 2007).
On the 11th of May 2007 the band opened with its hour program the third International Festival “Details of Sound”, Kiev (
In May 2007 Echo of the Second Sun and the Orchestra of the Intuitive Improvisation of Jan Benderman (Moscow) gave the joint concert. Their joint CD was recorded.
At the concerts of the band Echo of the Second Sun the spectators are participants of the action, almost mysterious one, which takes place in front of them and they together with musicians move up to the new more sensitive, thin level of vibrations. The source of this level of vibrations has something common, uniting all people on the Earth, coming to us from the other worlds only as echo –echo of the other but so well-known Sun.


There were some buildings

Written By: Agata Vilchik

there were some buildings there
and birds in clouds cried away distances from us in waves
of light streamed over the land we could embrace
and setting foot on it could've brought you to the place where motion started
of earth and sun

there were some temples there
which cooled in constellations dispersing prayer rests over the sky in birds
and when a breath was heard it was beginning of the song about
the birth of night and plunge of light into the quiet depth
and there's no memory about the past because each blink
revealed us in the confluence of minutes being life that flows everywhere
and silently I loved you like the stars come out and like these creatures of the light
glow in eternal silence

and all this would have never ended
but we became ones making signs one to the other
to learn how many birds did fly
to learn how nights spring up
to learn how deeply we can love each other

If I were sun

Written By: Agata Vilchik

If I were sun,
there would have been no other light.
If I were sea,
I would have calmly overflowed and covered stones.
If I were wind,
I would have spread my love from heart
Into the every moment of things' existence
And made live souls
Of every stone.
And whilst I stand upon the earth
And distances reside within
I need to see somebody's face
To recollect my origin
To recollect how it began
And where it'll come
when all of things cease to exist.

Run, disheveled hare, run

Written By: Agata Vilchik

Run, disheveled hare, run,
on protuberant crests of ruined world
pink strumming of the sunset
stabbed my heart -
love came out
I slipped in a pool -
stars rumbled from sky.
Butterfly, that took wing o'er void!
your reality permeates air
and makes me listen to in silence.

Where is the bird that flies so high

Written By: Agata Vilchik

Where is the bird that flies so high,
Where is the bird that won't be fowled?
Where do my thoughts disperse to dust?
Where do they melt?
Fit me out behind the high sky
Raise me over my self
I remember my death,
I remember my flight and my fall.

Verity wanders like a wild beast

Written By: Agata Vilchik

Verity wanders like a wild beast
In the woods of primeval land
A star seceded from the constellation
A letter fell off the word
And silver rain does wash away my self
With torrents of distracted sense


1.CD - Agata Vilchik-2004 (Studio NN, Kharkov).
2. DVD - “ In order the train to go…” -2005
3.DVD - recording of the Concert at the art –cafe “Agata”- 15.092005
4. Film “Maestro Agata” ( It was shot by the Kharkov region TV in 2005 .
5. CD “ Not one`s own earth “ 5.06.2006
6.Collections – “U-Rock , “U- Rock-2, “Wings”, “Ukrainian Wave “,
made as the result of the participation at the National Award –“Ukrainian Rock Awards”, Kiev, January 2oo7.
7. DVD – recording of the Concert at the art-cafe “Agata”-7.05.2007.
8. CD - recording of the joint concert with the intuitive improvisation orchestra by Jan Benderman (Moscow)-24.05.2007.

Set List

We play intuitive ethno improvisation, world music, experimental music and psychodeliya.
We don't have covers, but we have author's songs and our repertoire is very big. For example, one of Agata Vilchik's discs "Of unown land":
1. on the upper floor
2. sambadis bird
3. impressionism
4. crying woman in a green room
5. i would go and go
6. to that, what
7. globules and dots
8. tree was growing
9. of unown land
10. zalatabar leaves
11. tenderness