Blend og metal/gothic/progressive rock,spiced with oriental,folk and symphonic music


Everything started as a progressive/experimental pop rock project in August 2004, in Oslo, Norway. Four band members with different musical backgrounds formed the beginning of Agate. They were Mira Birkelid (lead vocal/keyboard) and Rune Torgersen (vocal/bass) (still members), and former members Tore Kvilhaug (guitar) and Bård Westberg (drums). Back then, the band tried to mix a melodious groovy sound with oriental and classical tunes and were influenced by Pink Floyd, Vangelis, Clannad and particularly Nightwish. The band used four years to settle on the right band members, after changing members several times. They have in the matter of this time also settled on their own specific sound. In 2007 Agate released their first EP 'Noble Truth' on their own Indie label, Agate Music. The songs on this EP are based on the four noble truths of Buddhist philosophy and reflect what people have experienced in real life. The response was very good. Even though the numbers sold didn't reach high levels the band managed to increase their fan base. There was still a lot of work to be done for Agate, they had to continue developing their music and try to reach out to more people. After two years of ups and downs they are now releazing a new promo CD, called 'Black Soul' - the band hopes this will be their chance at the big breakthrough. 'Black Soul' is a deep expression of the darkest fall into ones coldness and despair.Today's bandmembers are Mira Birkelid (femalevocal/keyboards), Rune Torgersen (malevocal/bass), Stig Selnes ( guitars) and Carl Engstrom ( drums/percussion).


"Noble truth" - EP - 2007