AG Da Kidd

AG Da Kidd

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AG brings that classic 90's style of Hip-Hop back. He weaves gritty street tales like a hood poet. He has a presence on the microphones that can relate to any street corner around the globe. AG brings back the feelings you had when you fell in love with raw, street hip-hop!


Adam “AG da kidd” Gaines

When pain, passion, and perseverance meet rhyme, reason ,and raw style, what you have is a collision of an incredibly focused mind with unlimited imagination and the heart of a warrior. What you have, is AG da Kidd.
Born in the inner city of Boston, AG maneuvered his way through Boston’s tough obstacles of notorious street gangs and simply surviving as a young black man in America. It was here that AG fell
in love with Hip Hop. It was there he honed his skills and sharpened his lyrical blade against the backdrop of the rough Boston streets, competing and wining in the “Battle of the Burroughs” where his name gained major momentum.
As a teen, AG faced many family obstacles and was sent to South Carolina to live with his dad. At which time only the music would allow him to vent the frustrations of his everyday life. It would be the move to South Carolina where the challenge of bringing his brand of Hip Hop and style would test him as an MC.
Performing all across the low country of South Carolina, from Columbia to Charleston amongst the like of Marley Marl, Money Marc, and Team Irac; it would be the south where his talent would be greatly exposed and highly revered.
With experience under his belt, AG eyes are now set on becoming a master at his craft
and he has developed as a consummate artist and savvy business man. As a son, MC, brother, and father, AG believes with determination, dedication, and discipline he can be the captain of any ship and take any team over the top. With songs like “Million Dollar Pen”, “Walk On By”, and “Hall of Fame”, AG’s crafty metaphors and beastly delivery brings back the true essence that Hip Hop once embraced. His goal is the make a mark on the Hip Hop scene, and be considered one of the greatest MC’s of
this generation. This is AG.


Million Dollar Pen
Walk on By
Hall of Fame