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Agency E subtly crosses the border of political correctness while maintaining an intelligent, sophisticated edge. Intertwining lyrics with hypnotic rhythm and grooves, Agency E blurs the ever fading line between rock, hip hop, and pop music.


(nov 05) Rico came to a Jocko rehearsal and sat in on a few. Everyone thought about it as a side project and didn't take it seriously until Ambrose-Smith decided the thing to do, in order for it to work was to write the songs with Rico and then meet with the band. In a two hour meeting Ambrose-Smith, Rico and Rock forged 5 songs. Rico nailed it on the hook. "Play it again, yeah, okay I got it, roll the tape." After hearing the riff once he begin to freeform it and laid out the song on one take. The Agency picked up another drummer in December and played their first shows in January 2006. "We had told a friend we were looking for a drummer and he said he knows the dude. So he played the demos off our website from his computer speaker into his cell phone for this guy, the drummer, and found us our man. Mr. Wolf. "I grew up playing the Beasties on the back of the bus and the other kids were freaking out on this crazy music. I love this direction with Agency E. They have the elements I've been craving to exploit."


Bonnie & Clyde.

Written By: Words & music by Agency E copyright 2006 the Treatment, LLC

Let this thunder never take us under, we will survive through the elements. Exist. Seek our inheritance. Give me the loot. You get the money. Nobody move or I’ll shoot. Its a got and take, what they got we take. Make demands. Fill the bags then we break. Rich in an instant, eye on the teller. Open up the safe nobody move or I’ll shell her.

Same story different time, just a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Eternally I’m dedicated strictly to you, so if you’re ready for me then baby let’s get the money.

You, so intelligent, sexy, and seductive. Move like a kitten, but lioness destructive. Head to the register. Don’t forget the dye pack, slide to the safe fist-full-it into the backpacks. Get’s dough, I likes that. Everybody up. Fellas drop your wallets, ladies empty your bra cups. Time is of the essence, baby get to stepping. Velcro the backpacks and snatch up your weapons. Heading for the door now, everybody chill. Not for the nonsense skills, kill at will. Mind for the getaway, don’t disturb the caper. Hollows in the hero trying to disrupt my paper. Who hit the button? 50s got us hemmed up. Baby cool as hell, gat cocked and auto locked up. Looked her in the eye like everything is everything. Kissed baby boo, then let the gat sing.


Written By: Words & music by Agency E copyright 2006 the Treatment, LLC

Alone in the night of misery seek your light to envision me from all that imprisons me because the system’s corrupt. I see the pain of the masses’s and I want to erupt, but that’s not your way for me, your plan is precise. Put me where you need me Father, to deliver what’s right, because your judgment is light and your manner is fair. Help me shed truth to the unaware.

My hand seeks fiercely, my eyes focus quickly, no matter where you stick me I’ll stand and deliver.

I see him perpetrate the fraud. His smile is deceptive to those unperceptive, but I’m not dismayed. Tunnel my rage at the lunatic. Check the scope and the banana clip. Ease my breath to a steady shift. My hand that shook no longer fits as I think of the benefits. Rid him of his lunacy. Crouch to one knee in the crosshairs at the foolish corrupt.

Now I rest my wary head. The infrared is light so the protectors can’t stop me from delivering justice. The voices are silent in my head. A shot in the dark. Crosshair to the heart. The silencer secures my solitude. A split in the crowd, things falling apart. Detach my extensions fit the parts to their dimensions. The cold locks secure my counterpart. One shot and the president is dead.

Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake...

weight of days.

Written By: Words & music by Agency E copyright 2006 the Treatment, LLC

if its a party?
sip bacardi.. act retarded
get right! or do what you wanna do
cause the nights are few
yeah the time is short
the force is bossin and your lives are bought
like you're fightin loss? ha... you aint settlin
fist fight wit metal n release adrenalin
late night to little hand... beast or man
be right or delight
what we like won't save your life....

time flies in the weight of days...

in the heart of mind is the pride of men
denying consequences till they dying again
its so dishonerin... blind to reality
ask if they been told
it still will bite em in the end.... RAh
these are the end times
no pretend times... read the signs
broken minds still mend
in the end its indefinite
infinite and evident
cycle rewound
no change to avoid the same..

time flies in the weight of days...


Weight of Days. Ten songs recorded at the Agency in albuquerque, New Mexico in the first half of 2005. Then taken to NRG studios in Los Angeles and mixed and mastered by Alex Studer. Produced by Agency E.