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London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
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A compelling album with more hooks than a Korean squid boat. Agent have crafted some fine and memorable songs together for their first album release, and by Christ it does this hardworking band justice. The playing is mint, drummer Zane Read and bassist Matt Flower make a menacing rhythm section leaving plenty of soundscape for guitarist/vocalist Jimi Donaldson's moody guitars and emotive voice. A great understanding of dynamics and the confidence of being seasoned musicians makes this recording sparkle. There's plenty going on musically yet it never sounds cluttered or hurried. The arrangements and structure of the songs relect the craftmanship of the songwriters and seriously, there's a whole new level of maturity and depth that you just son't see often enough. This is quality, enduring Kiwi rock. Its passionate and deep and boasts a unique sound that's been blended and crafted - not setup to some kind of record companies pop model. Agent have been around since 2003 and describe their music as a mix of hard rock, metal and alternative stylings with a twist of funk. If you like the sound of Deftones, Tool, Handsome, System, Floyd, Live and Mudvayne you'll find plenty in here to sink your teeth into. The guitars are fat and tasty, and layered for massive effect, and Jimi's voice fits snugly over the twisting rhythms and staccato riffs. Not content to be mediocre, these guys certainly aren't afraid o try new things and think outside the square in their songs and they pull it off extremely well. An album that's designed more for those that appreciate great songs and playing rather than those in charge of programming radio or tv, expand/contract is a bloody winner. A classy and gutsy effort these three 'Naki boys, and NZ music as a whole, can be well proud of. - Rip It Up

New Plymouth's Agent prove you don't have to be from the big smoke to release an A-class album, this is up there with anything that came out in the hard rock genre over the past few years. It is distinctly New Zealand (front man Jimi Donaldson sounding at times like the John Toogood of "Churn" days), but their international influences clearly shine through. On Independent Thought Alarm and Stomp the vocals are delivered rapid fire in System of a Down style. Several songs find them coming on like A Perfect Circle, and the funk bass style through out the album is reminiscent of early Incubus. That's not to say that Agent are derivative. They may sound similar to some famous bands but the style is their own, delivered with energy and a clear passion for what they're doing. The album left me impressed and wanting to see the live Agent, which I hope lives up to the recorded material. - New Zealand Musician Magazine

Last Friday we headed along to the first gig we had been to since the 5th birthday gig and we were more than impressed with what we saw.

I've been wanting to hear Agent play live after hearing some tracks on CD about 4 years ago, but it seemed everytime they were playing in Palmerston North something else would come up at the last minute.

I've always been a strong believer that bands sound better when they perform live, and you really can't know a band's sound unless you have heard them live. It may have taken me ages to finally hear Agent play live, but I can assure you I was not disappointed - it was definitely worth the wait!

Agent's sound is truly unique and while they may fit easily into many genres, they are a one-of-a-kind band. They play thrashingly intense beats that scream around the room - add to that their rock hard attitude to their performances and just the right mix of bass, guitar and drums and you have a hard-hitting and mind-blowing performance which invites everyone to start jumping around.

Not only did this gig show that these three Naki boys are very talented, but it showed that they are a well rehearsed band that knows what it takes to put on a great show. I can't quite put my finger on it, but they give you that little something extra when playing live that no other band can manage to do.

Agent are a band that don't wait around for things to happen - they get out there and make things happen for themselves. It is this attitude that has got them to where they are today, and after seeing Agent play live I am more than certain that they are a band that is definitely going to go far.


The Pheng Nom Shakedown EP (2003)
Hiatus EP (2005)
Expand/Contract LP (2006)



Agent is a rock band based in London, UK. Originally formed in New Zealand in 2003 the band relocated to London in 2008. Agent features James Donaldson on vocals and guitar, Matt Flower on bass, and Jordan Tredray on drums.

To date the band have supported numerous acts, headlined their own NZ tours, are regulars on the London live circuit, released one album "Expand/Contract", and 2 EP's - "Hiatus" and "The Pheng Nom Shakedown".

Agent's music explores the various convoluted realms of rock music, crossing over from the mainstream to the darker side of the tracks. The sound is melodic, driving, energetic with some quieter reflective moments. The Agent sound could be the illegitimate love child of Muse, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Incubus, System of A Down, Karnivool, and Queens of the Stone Age with an up to date twist and polish.

Agent's big sound (once called 'the loudest three piece in New Zealand'), honest delivery, and high level musicianship sets the bar very high for your standard 3-piece rock band which makes for an exciting and entertaining live act.

Agent are currently working on their second studio album 'Kingdom of Fear' with London based NZ producer Paul Matthews which is due for release later in 2012.