Agent Kooper

Agent Kooper


Agent Kooper are a Finnish r'n'r trio who recently released their debut album in Germany. The band toured Europe and Australia even before recording their debut album. Two top 20 singles in Finland.



Agent Kooper's single Caroline was released in Germany late 2007 and entered many radio stations playlists. The album was released in Germany in February 2008 and received a great deal of excellent reviews. The band was also artist of the week on the german myspace site prior to release of the album in Germany.

The three members of Agent Kooper have traveled a considerable distance in different musical genres, from voyages into the worlds of tango, punk rock and classical music, to little jaunts in jazz, big band and heavy metal etc. After finding their calling in Agent Kooper, which originally took its cue from such early rock outfits as The Small Faces, our heroes have grown beyond the sum total of elements that form their unique backgrounds.

After winning the hearts and minds of audiences wherever they have performed, be it murky Finnish small town bubs or European and Australian venues, the trio has started working on their debut album. The first batch of beautiful tunes was already recorded in the fall of 2005 (in Svenska Grammofon Studion, produced by Kalle Gustafsson), and after a brief European spree in November Agent Kooper is returning to the studio.



tba (May 2009)
Agent Kooper (2007/2008)
Released in Finland April 2007 (Supersounds Music)
Released in Germany Feb 2008 (Distr. Rough Trade)
Released in Sweden May 2008 (Distr. Soundpollution)


This Ride/Empty Stage (FFP002) 2006
Drunken Lullabies (FFP005) 2007
Caroline (FFP007) 2007
Still untitled EP FFP009 July 2008

Set List

Normal set 45-60 minutes.