Agent Moosehead

Agent Moosehead


Agent Moosehead is a jazz-fusion group shredding the scene with an arsenal of thoughtfully composed arrangements, spliced with experimental improvisation. The band has been influenced & inspired by artists such as Frank Zappa, Primus, King Crimson, Brand X, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Ninentdo music!


Philly favorite, Agent Moosehead has blurred the lines between style & genre with their unique approach to live music. Known for splicing precise composed sections with mind-bending improvisational jazz/rock landscapes, Agent Moosehead has refused to accept the 'status quo' of the current music scene and has - instead - challenged the system and broken both rules and boundaries. Aside from performing their own highly-original material, Agent Moosehead has shocked and surprised audiences with numerous 'theme shows' - including the live performance of dozens of Nintendo songs, TV-theme show jingles and even a special event honoring the music of Frank Zappa. Yet, despite the band's overwhelming refusal to cater to the conventional, AM has been the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions and has been received with unprecedented amount of acclaim and notoriety.

In the past, special guests sitting in with Agent Moosehead have included Zappa percussionist and vibe-hero: Ed Mann, Philly-jazz staple: Elliott Levin, trombone-phenom & John Legend band mate: Aaron Goode as well as the legendary drummer: G. Calvin Weston (Ornette Coleman, Prime Time, MMW, etc.). Additionally, AM has shared the bill with DJ Logic, Deep Banana Blackout, The Big Organ Trio, The Last Emperor, Juggling Suns, King Crimson's Tony Levin and countless others!


"Neil, Throw the Switch" (2007)

1. Neckface
2. Tricycle
3. Dr. Doom
4. The Genius
5. Mow Your Lawn
6. Ghost of Deaf Ninja
7. Eggplant Wizard
8. Roboham
9. Meiosis
[Sample Tracks Available Here for Streaming]

"Philly Sound Clash: Music to Drive By - Volume 2" (2008)

1. Mike Kotulka: Long Winded Sleeves
2. The Hustle: Run Wit Me
3. Agent Moosehead: Meiosis
4. East Hundred: Numbers
5. GANG: Rat Posion
6. Gemini Wolf: Bittersweet Dirts
7. Spanish Blue: Stomp
8. The Lopez: Gates of Heaven
9. Jamie Harrison: Confusion
10. The Shadow Self: d-day
11. Zasz: Aviator (get out)
12. The Last Tempest: Pestilence

Set List

Most of the music that Agent Moosehead performs is original (and instrumental), although the band has been known to surprise crowds with performances featuring vocals and unexpected covers by bands such as Frank Zappa, The Talking Heads, They Might Be Giants, and even ‘theme shows’ featuring Nintendo music & teases (Castlevania, Mega Man, Metroid & Blaster Master - to name a few).

Set lists usually include five to ten original songs and one to two covers. Most venues only provide thirty to fifty minute sets but Agent Moosehead would prefer (and would be prepared) to play an hour and a half set or two 45-minute sets.

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