Agents of Future

Agents of Future


Garage-gospel group, Agents of Future, comes from the heartland of authentic indie-rock, Portland, OR. This large, diverse group of artists/dancers/comedians and musicians have been an outpouring of a church that serves folks who have been marginalized by society and church culture.


Formed eight years ago out of The Bridge Christian Church of Portland, Oregon, Agents of Future has been ever-searching for the most real, the most authentic faith-community expression. We all have the hearts of pioneers. Most of the members have cut their teeth on punk rock, and are enjoying the flavor/passion that gospel music embodies. The main goal we have as a collective is to EQUALIZE the artistic process, not just perpetuate the dominant mindset that "worship should be left to the professionals". We strive to be all-inclusive and keep our eyes open for artists (of all forms, of all skill levels) looking for a place to express their hearts freely. We've written over 50 songs for our community, and we encourage continual songwriting in a improv-songwriting game held monthly.


(Heaven Is) Sewn In My Skin

Written By: Angie and Todd Fadel

time and again/I feel like giving up/the fight in my head/the pressure won't let up/and this call and response don't seem to get us there/and emptiness surrounds us/but I will not give it any satisfaction/choking the life out of my innocence/you built it in me/a hope they can't destroy/and nothing will ever take it away/THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS SEWN IN MY SKIN/

You Can Change My Mind

Written By: Angie and Todd Fadel

even when it's like a severed antennae, a loose connection
this won't fit any dictionary, text-book definition

what I find in YOU can't be defined
what I find in YOU can't be defined
YOU can change my mind
YOU can change my mind

something, something tells me
i'm gonna let YOU get to me

God I Wait

Written By: Angie and Todd Fadel

GOD i wait, but GOD, i can't wait for YOUR holiness to hover over me

my soul, it groans within me
my soul, it groans within me
waiting for YOUR hand to move


"Live from the Bridge" - (1999 self-released)
"Your Life in My Lungs" - (2001 self-released)
"God I Wait" (single) - (2002, Soularize music sampler)
"Without Strings" (single) - (2002, HM Magazine sampler)
"Sneek Peeks at Magic Moments" - (2006 self-released)


Set List

In our regular 45-minute set, we usually play 6-7 original community worship songs, like:

"God I Wait"
"Sewn In My Skin"
"Peace On its Feet"
"Light In the Window"
"You Can Change My Mind"
"Nothing In the Way"
"Without Strings"