Agents of the Sun

Agents of the Sun


Balls to the wall rock and roll with serious melody.


Time can change, shift, and wither all matter and creative space around it. Time can be a destructive force. Withstanding these harsh perspectives, I feel awakend and renewed by the make-shift happenings of time. At the moment, time seems to be at a calm and productive pace.

Once again, we (Agents of the Sun) find ourselves beaming with the over joyous pleasure of writing and performing at our utmost potential. As we look back on our blooming period we see the accomplishments, beautiful emotions, and unforgettable passion for our craft. Those moments are forever etched in our hearts as we move forward to new challenges and conquests. In our new adventures, we will always be reminded and grateful to the ones who have helped us create and breathe life into the ongoing story of Agents of the Sun.-Ray Dobson

For the last six years Agents of the Sun have been through it all. From touring with national acts and writing three studio rock albums, to partying with celebrities, and damn near killing their dreams and each other!! Agents of the Sun are back and in the studio working on the follow up album (untitled) to their 2005 release Monarchs of a Fallen Society (Produced by Steve Wright and Mixed by Chad Sexton of 311). Wanting everything about their next release to be right, “Agents” have again accquired the studio expertise of producer Steve Wright (SR-71, DFD, Kelly Bell and many, many more).

Since the release of Monarchs of a Fallen Society, Agents of the Sun also released a 3 track EP, Little pieces left behind (2007). “Little Pieces” yields songs that were recorded during the Monarchs of a Fallen Society sessions.

In an A+ review, The Aquarian raved, "an incredibly strong modern rock band that delivers catchy songs with plenty of thought and oomph." proclaimed Aurora "an album that arrives bearing melodious fruit ripe for the picking" and In Music We Trust concluded, "Agents of the Suns eclectic hard rock mix has the sound that todays radio desires, and they do an admirable job of incorporating it into AURORA and MONARCHS."

Agents of the Sun have become no stranger to the celebrity CD deck. Celebrities such as 4- time Wimbledon champion, Venus Williams, stated; “Lately I've been listening non stop to Agents of the Sun. I have not been able to get into a band this much for years. I feel like me and this band are on the same wavelength." The Agents have also attracted the attention of 311's drummer, Chad Sexton, to an extent where he offered to mix Monarch of a Fallen Soceity. "This band rocks, the more I got to know them, the more excited I became and the more I was blown away by how amazing this record is," states Sexton.
Agents of the Sun landed on DC101’s (Washington D.C., WWDC fm 101.1) annual Chilli Cook Off show in the spring of 2003. “Agents” walked out onto the Chilli Cook Off stage to a dawning audience of 20,000 plus friends and fans. That show inspired the band to start touring nationwide. Leading up to the Chilli Cook Off, Agents of the Sun landed the number 7 spot in the drive time top ten count down on DC101 for a week solid. In the months and years to come after the number 7 spot, Agents of the Sun found their songs being spun in rotation in various radio markets across the US (NC, TX, FL, KS, MD, PA, DE, DC, XM and Sirus).
Late in 2006, Agents of the Sun (and their record label of 4 years) Dcide records parted ways. Dcide (which was sold to Templar/Elixia in early 2007) still houses the bands first two records (Aurora and Monarchs of a Fallen Society). The bands first album "Aurora," has sold out of stock in major retail outlets (Tower Records, Sam Goody, Best Buy) multiple times.

In the past year (2008), Agents of the Sun have acquired new and old members to fill the shoes of departed members. Former members, Frank Hernandez (Bassist and Singer) and Ralph Rodriguez (Lead Guitar) left the band in the early months of 2008 to pursue other projects. Jason Fubler (former Agents of the Sun and Live Alien Broadcast guitartist) was asked to rejoin the band in January of 2008. Jason originally founded Agents along with Ray and Dave Dobson, Hernandez and Rodriguez. Shortly after, Tyler Lawerance (former Shallow Deep bassist and McNally Smith College of Music Alumni) auditioned for and impressed the founding fathers of Agents. “Tyler brought the bass sound, musicianship, and the heart the band was seeking”, says singer/frontman, Ray Dobson. The final edtion to the new Agents line-up is guitarist Mark Starnes and Sennen Quigley. Starnes, (formerly of Shallow Deep), was approched by the band in early Septemeber 2008 and Quigley(Dog Fashion Disco, Soul Mower) Rejoined with the group in mid January 2009!

Agents of the Sun are anticipated as one of this years top emerging artists. Metal Express Radio ( hails the Agents of the Sun sound as a stripped down Linkin Park or 311 fused with Trapt and Incubus; groovy Rock tunes with a lot of melody and very



Written By: Agents of the Sun

Have you ever wanted something so bad, that you're jumping out of your skin just so you can reach it.
Between the black and white of my life, shades of grey dilute my sight but I'm still reaching. A little pain won't hurt. Adversity is not a curse. This could be worse.
My misery loves company, inviting it in. This time it won't get the best of me, cause I'll win. I'll stand on top of the world and scream my lungs out, not giving in, I'm not giving in.

Sometimes my fortunes rise, to meet the occasion, with more dedication. My confidence, is taking action, taking action.
It's getting easier philosophy is to take it for what it is, DAY BY DAY!

My misery loves company inviting it in. This time it won't get the best of me, cause I'll win. I'll stand on top of the world and scream my lungs out, I'm not giving in, I'm not giving it.

Across an ocean of space, between two stars, gravity tears them apart. But my life, goes on. And I'm not gonna break, I'm not gonna break.

My misery loves company, inviting it in. This time it won't get the best of me, cause i'll win. I'll stand on top of the world and scream my lungs out. Not giving in, I'm not giving in.


Monarchs of a Fallen Society-2005
Little Pieces Left Behind EP-2007