Age Of Aggression

Age Of Aggression


A mix of old school thrash and new school death metal. Hard, fast and heavy. Tons of groove.


After a couple years the band disbanded and Scott (me) moved to HAWAII. Now re-building a new band and releasing all the old stuff plus new re-mixes. Main music gods are Black Sabbath, Anthrax, Cannaibal Corpse and Rob Zombie.


A.O.A. EP - 4 songs "Shock Therapy" & "14 Year Old Slut"

A.O.A. -Full Lp- Songs include "Shock Therapy" "Hatred" "Greed" "Dark Urges" + 4 more tracks and a cover of "Come Together"

Set List

Set list is ever changeing. Mainly our songs and a cover or two.