Age Of Defiance

Age Of Defiance


Age Of Defiance combines the influences of the past 20 years hard rock, metal, and grunge. At the same time experiment with sounds and effects that add to the mixture. The band's chemistry creates a concoction music that is sure to invoke a wonderful familiarality in todays rock.


Ryan Knuth , Jesse Knuth and John Hall grew up together in CaistorCentre/Fulton Ontario. In 1995 Ryan and John Formed a band called Narcosis. With the influences of bands like Nirvana , White Zombie , Primus to name a few. The band grew to create a sound that combines all of their personal influences. After years of writting and performing people grow and changeand after the band original bassist quit the band Ryan and john called upon Jesse Knuth (Ryans brother) to fill the void. However as this kept evolving John Hall ( at the time the drummer of the band also decided to quit and persure other projects. Ryan and Jesse then found drummer Dick Facie and began to form a new band. Ryan then asked John Hall if he would like to try otu johns second passion in music.. Guitar. This sparked a new light for the band and the reformed as Age Of Defiance. The band has since prefomed in several venues found in Hamilton Burlington, and Niagara.


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