Inspired by the past, Age Of Evil is determined to be the biggest metal-rock band of the future. They not only deliver uncommon talent, but capture the audience with energy and passion. This is an "age of evil" and you cannot hide from it.


Bound by Blood-Two Sets of Teenage Brothers are delivering a level of electrifying talent to the world of metal that would be uncommon for any age group. Combining their own fresh exciting new twist with old- school metal, Age Of Evil is determined to reach the top and stand the test of time! Be prepared to be blown away by the future of heavy metal.


Living A Sick Dream

Written By: Garrett Ziff and Jeremy Goldberg

Living A Sick Dream

Reflection in the mirror
I slowly see myself
The demons inside unleashed
My vision, getting blurry
Evil has been exposed
One step closer to insanity

Paranoia stronger now
The walls are caving in
Voice screaming in my head
Is this nightmare real?

All alone,
This world of my creation,
Darkness closing in
All alone
Sweat runs down my forehead,
My fear pulling me down


Zombies all around me
Stare with empty souls
Their skin, rots before my eyes
I try to shake it off
Hands stained crimson red
Stuck in a hellish state of mind

You Can't Change Me

Written By: Jeremy Goldberg

You Can’t Change Me

The days of war are hear
Death replaces peace
The bloody hands of youth
Suicide by genocide
The breath of greedy men
Reeks the voice of war
Orders given, lives are taken
Words of fear bring murder

The end is near
Fight with rage
Kill or dye
For God

You Can’t Change Me
You Can’t Change Me
You Can’t Change Me

Not even if you want to
You Can’t Change Me

The end is near
Fight with rage
To the death
Kill or dye
For God

Call Me Evil

Written By: Tom Gattis

Call Me Evil

I'm watching your style, I’m watching your pace
I'll wipe that smile of your fucking face in no time
Cause I can see through, right behind
The narrow shiftless eyes of an habitual liar

And they, (they) they call me evil
And they, (they) they know I’m right
It's a shame you have fallen
To the hands of the underworld
It’s a shame you can't prey into the valley of the king

Well you ain’t the worse than I've seen
Like a bad dream, I'll take a piece of you right
Out a piece of me to break down
But all the people you've taken
And shattered their dreams
When I count the cost you'll see
That it's a principal that I bring
No mercy in my veins

You speak lies again, bring it on my friend
I’ve had enough of you
Watch your step little boy
I give no amnesty, on your knees
These demons, possessing me
I’m a cold-hearted SOB
Come take a shot at me


"Living A Sick Dream (2007) - Available on iTunes, CD Baby and DigStation"

Set List

Age Of Evil typically plays for 30-45 minutes. It could be 6-10 songs. We cover Ballistic's Call Me Evil. Songs included in our Set List could include:

Call Me Evil, You Can't Change Me, Eye For An Eye, A Call To Arms, The Storm, Glimpse Of Light, Living A Sick Dream and Land of Yours