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"Ages...get ready"

Ages...get ready

A word of warning, Ages, have mastered a long coveted art of recording a 'hit back' song as well as a phenomenal album. A 'hit back' song is one of those songs on an album, no matter how outstanding the rest of the songs are, (which I can assure you they are), that you end up hitting your back button on your stereo to listen to it over and over again before carrying on and realizing the rest of the album is just as good. 'Turpentine' is not only utterly infectious and worthy of a place on some ridiculously popular Indie flick starring Chloe Sevigny and the like, but it is superbly put together. The seductive bass introduction smoothly executed by MATT McJUNKINS, that is surprisingly reminiscent of Blondie, kicks you into the dark enticement of the song.

'Turpentine' flows over and lifts you into an unsure dimension of emotions. Like the rest of the songs on Ages long awaited debut album, the four exceptionally talented musicians are able to produce songs that have an uneasy dark undercurrent that draws you in and makes sure you are paying attention.

The lyrics, passionately recited to you by TOMMY DILL draw you into a false sense of security, they initially echo a well written rock song, yet due to the intelligent astute song writing, it becomes much more. 'Balloons' presents to you the scene of the end of something with so much promise. But the hint of sarcasm mixed with the fantastic free, angry, vocal range, combined with Clark Hubbard's rapid, time perfect, beating of the skins, makes you realize the darker side to that balloon. The bass line pumps with your heart to take you to the crescendo, and encourages you to scream in support of the "waiting game till your demise"

'Over and out' is as hedonistically satisfying as the rest of this bands songs, with the erratic and well placed tempo. Ages are a hard band to compare to any other, which in this industry and especially this genre of music, is an exceptional feat. Ages are versatile and lack any air of arrogance; their lyrics are humble and filled with subtle warnings. The intensity of REUBEN COHEN's guitar solos support the concentrated passion poured in the drums, bass, vocals and superb lyric writing. The hint of smugness in 'Over and Out' where the 'poor soul' must inevitably 'take the pain' adds to the bands knack of planting wicked humour that pokes through the mix of punk and funk evident in the music.

Listening to Ages new album, you will be struck with a streak of jealousy that you aren't the one to belt out these powerful, original, intelligent songs. I have been fortunate enough to see Ages live and I can assure you the quality of their album is effortlessly reproduced on stage, the sweat and back ache put into recording songs of this calibre is something you are keenly aware of, yet the band itself seems to take it in it's stride. This is most certainly a band that is going somewhere, knows it, and isn't afraid to show it, let's just hope it doesn't take 'Ages' (Pun TOTALLY intended)
- Pauline(Hear Me Scream Mag.)


AGES EP Jan. 2004 Self Tiltled Featuring the single "Odyssey"

AGES EP Jan 2007 AGES4 Featuring the single "Turpintine"



People of the world, here are AGES. Forged in Northern California, now based out of LA, Ages offer a new blend of Alternative Metal, the latest effort from guitarist/vocalist Tommy Dill and drummer Clark Hubbard. The band met while attending Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. The members of AGES are all trained in their instruments as well as other aspects of music. Collectively, they take fans on a sonic voyage filled with traditional guitar riffs and a rhythm section so thunderous it could replace your heartbeat. With the release of their first self-titled, self-produced album, AGES take listeners on a journey into a realm where music is more than one catchy track on an entire album. Combining melodic rock with edgy, drum driven beats, the band achieves the balance between brutality and beauty. The hard drums and harmonious vocals create a sound unlike anything the band has unveiled so far. This balance is difficult to master, but for AGES, the effort has been worth it. Their album is proof of that. PREPARE YOURSELF!!!! >