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Hip- Hop Jam Band..... Led Zeppilen meets the Roots. - English and Portuguese Vocals - Beats and intelligent rhymes that keep your head and feet moving..!!!


This is a rough idea of who we are. We are a relatively new band. Music and photos will be updated once we figure this myspace deal out completely. Aggression is a rock influenced hip-hop psychedelic jam band. Not a jam band like phish but a jam band like Led-Zeppelin. We fuse many styles of music from grunge, to house, to hip-hop, to reggae. Some of our songs are 2 minutes long some are 20 minutes long. Our songs are in both English and Portuguese. We are working on our second album that is going to blow our first album "Loser" out of the sky. Most of Loser was recorded when the band consisted only of Davoll & Jimi and was completed when Ryan Mehigan joined the band as a second MC (evolve). After the release of Loser a fine young sassy Brazilian by the name of Alex heard the cd and stumbled into our studio instantly becoming our bass player/servent & brother. Ryan started to play the keys and improved a great deal vocally. The four of us have spent many days & nights in our studio writing new material that should appear soon on our website and this site. For now the music will either be rough jam recordings, random music/beats we make in our studio, or songs sampled off of Loser. Stay tuned for more information and show listings. We thank all of you especially those from the dirty dirty M for supporting us. Stay tuned……


Our Debut Albulm is Due in June 06--

Prior EP Available upon request.......

Couple None CD Tracks On

Set List

Whateve we feel that particular night...... we have a wide variety of music to play. We start a song and might not finish that song.... jam into a new beat, then come back to the origanal song... come see the show, thats the best way to describe it!