Aggressive Benevolence

Aggressive Benevolence

 Gillette, Wyoming, USA

Bringing hard rock music with a positive message and an alternative to secular music. The band came together after many incarnations and four years of dedication .


Founder/Lead guitarist Will Moore. In early 2007 drummer Jeff Botelho entered the band. Mid 2007 Vocalist Ben Rose, who previously played in the band, rejoined the band, with his alt-rock vocals completing the band. Feb of 2008 Shaun Collins joined the band filling the bass position. In April 2008 Jay Skinner joined as dedicated sound tech/engineer. The great thing about this band is that every member plays a vital role in the writting and arrangement of the songs. The band wouldn't be what it is without any of them. From Will's creative hard driving riff writting, Ben's vocal style, Shauns thunderous low end and Jeffs hard hitting drumming. Of course the most important thing about the band is there desire to write music that glorifies God and our Lord Jesus Christ . Also getting the positive message out there of God's undying unfailing wonderful love for his children.


No More Silence (single) available on most digital media outlets
No More Silence (EP) self released

Set List

1 hour
12 songs