The driving rhythms and melodic changes give the music an aggressive sonance. The name suits their lurid sound perfectly. Aghori is infused with thick, dark and coagulated melodic thrash metal. The music is transfered into a brutal onstage presence which entices fans from all walks of life.


In the modern musical world of artificial happiness, there isn’t much room for people
who prefer the dark sounds of heavy metal. Aghori’s music offers them a chance
to vent the frustration that brews from feeling alone and insignificant.

In their unequivocal emotional display, all five members, although very diverse
seem to pulse together as one large heartbeat, uniting them within, hence the black
stripe each member adorns before every show. It’s apparent they all want to send the
same message, “It’s about not being afraid to be an outsider, and refusing to follow
life’s perscriptions.”

Although Aghori has been in the studio recording their first full length album,
they are not wasting any time. They are still aggressively attacking the metal scene, and
building a fierce reputation as a savage exhibit of raw power. They have conquered many
venues in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada.

In this melting pot of music, sighting influences from Lamb of God, Shadows
Fall, In Flames, and Mudvayne, Aghori brings their own liquid metal assault to their
audience. An audience who is just as diverse as the members themselves. Not just
limited to Metal Heads, the capivating melodies along with their vicious stage show,
which can’t be ignored. Aghori has something for everyone.

“Heavy weight contenders, Aghori kicks your ass with their anger infused
hardcore Metal”


1 song Demo including the song "Relapse"
which has been aired on Rock 105.3 in San Diego multiple times. Currently recording more songs as well.

Set List

Sets are usually from 35 to 50 minutes long with
8 - 10 songs. Song names include:
Useless/ Deaths the only answer/ Not following/ Relapse/ Rewind this Dream/ Stuck in Chains/ Console/ Save me from this/ Fly on the wall/ Shame/ Silent voices