A Giant Dog

A Giant Dog

 Austin, Texas, USA

Drunk 12 year old punks cover Sam Cooke.


A Giant Dog makes garage EP's every few months on a Tascam four-track, which are engineered and mixed by drummer Orville Neeley. The songs are loud, hard and soulful, influenced by beer, The Stooges and Sam Cooke. The AV Club says "Austin's A Giant Dog brings apocalyptic clangor topped by frontwoman Sabrina Ellis' bluesy yowl."
A Giant Dog is made up of five wild, lifelong friends who live together on a block that never sleeps in Austin's East Side. A Giant Dog is known for their sweat collision shows and the parties that follow.


The Grand

Written By: A Giant Dog

it's daniel, david, diamond dancing in my head tonight
the grand is ringin' in my ears the mirror's turning white
we've figured out without a doubt that here's the place to be
don't even call just come around and warm the cold with me

all the girls and boys are strange as they can be
i'm in love with everyone's in love with me

it's music but we'll call it love we're makin' something good
tomorrow if we listen back it's all misunderstood
piano tune i play for you like basketball trophy
we're planets and we circle round strung out on gravity

all the boys and girls are strange as they can be
i'm in love with everyone's in love with me


Our self titled EP was released in November 2009. The tracks are available for streaming on our Myspace.

A Giant Dog 'House' EP March 2010

A Giant Dog 'Bowl' EP May 2010

A Giant Dog 7" to be released August 2010 through Sundae Records

Set List

The Grand, Cowboy, Oh Miserable Me, To Put it Bluntly, Quit Your Job and Run
Away, Heathen Woman, Too Metal, Virgin Girl