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Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF | AFTRA

Los Angeles, CA | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Pop Indie




"TVD Kickstarts: A Girl I Know, The Lost Tapes"

If you’re to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page you’re reading at present, to the left you’ll note an homage to two people who inspired TVD. You’ll recognize too then why Carolina Hoyos’ Kickstarter campaign struck a chord with us here at the HQ. The upside? There’s still time to extend the good karma to this warm, talented performer. As she told us via email this week:

“Right before I took 2 years off to care for my FATHER through his cancer treatment, I quietly (unofficially) released an EP and named it “A-Siders,” because it’s the first side of my intended full length release on vinyl, called The Lost Tapes.

The Lost Tapes as a collection has always felt like we’d discovered old, abandoned tapes and then added a modern sound to them. Now that my Dad is healthy and I’ve found my way back to releasing this record, I named my Kickstarter campaign “My Lost Tapes” because when you care for someone with cancer, you can get real lost with the process of your own life, trying to save someone else’s.”

The unreleased B side feels like a relaxing sunny Sunday afternoon of dreamy listening, while the more rocking A side is your Friday night out partying. The “A-Siders” is available right here.

The Kickstarter campaign for “The Lost Tapes” extends until Saturday, December 6, 2014, and there’s some nifty incentives for those of you interested in the vinyl aspect of this project. Probably because you’re reading this now.

A Girl I Know Kickstarter | Facebook | Twitter - The Vinyl District

"Miss December"

We all know a struggling artist, and many of us in our circle are just that. But Carolina’s story, as told on her Kickstarter page is one we can all sympathize with; a passionate girl with dreams that will not be held back, even in the most trying circumstances, as she has cared for her ailing father, and in the past for her mother, still pushing through everything life has thrown at her to make her way, and make it count. Carolina is the perfect blend of everything the world wishes to exist in every woman; natural beauty, brains, talent, passion unlike anyone else and drive to be her best and come out smiling no matter what. It is that unparalleled passion mixed with the fact that we love her and everything she does that helped us crown her Boomsy Gal of the Month for December 2014.

Carolina has an amazing story to share with you, all music and art lovers the world over! If you love art and music, check out her Kickstarter page at mylosttapes.com and show some love, help her finish her solo album and make a positive difference! And check back in a couple days when her profile and pics are up here on Boomsy!


Check out her full profile below and check back often as new pics will be going up throughout the month!

Hometown: Washington, DC / Fairfax, VA

Favorite color of eyes in a lover? Brown

What is most important to you in life? Happiness

Favorite city in the whole world? Los Angeles

Ideal date? Dinner & Theatre – in NYC or London

Favorite animal? Dog

What is your biggest dream/goal? To affect and inspire the uninspired

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Italy perhaps but likely LA still with stints in London

Favorite book? Celestine Prophecy was the last to affect me positively. I’ve read a lot of sad books lately…

Favorite TV Show? Arrested Development

Favorite Movie? Edward Scissorhands

What turns you on? Good and truthful artistic expression

What turns you off? Non specific or impersonal art-especially shock value art

What sound or noise do you love? Dogs talking

What sound or noise do you hate? Loud Gossip on the hiking trail

What is your favorite curse word? Fuck

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Private Pilot

What profession would you not like to do? Garbage removal

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates? Welcome! We have been waiting for you. Right this way. - Boomsy

"Exclusive Download: A Girl I Know, "Bang Bang Bang (Dirticow Remix)"

Hey gang! We've got something really cool for you today: a download of A Girl I Know's "Bang Bang Bang" remixed by Dirticow. But first, a bit about the track and the artists:
A Girl I Know, the group consisting of actress Carolina Hoyos and actor and musical partner Kenneth Franklin, along with the help of Jeremiah Bitsui (known from the critically acclaimed series Breaking Bad), join forces with the infamous Dirticow, who remixes the third in the series of their debut hit, "Bang Bang Bang." Dirticow has worked with Tiesto and Crystal Method as well as created music for movies, TV shows, and video games such as Fast And Furious, Saturday Night Live, Behind Enemy Lines, and more. A Girl I Know has been gaining a great deal of critical attention and have already gone viral with their colorful new video for the original track. With a sound that blends Hoyos's pop-perfect voice with beats reminiscent of the lovechild of M.I.A. and Beck, Dirticow takes the song to a whole new level. Smooth tones fill the room as this stunning remix will quickly grab the attention of your ears. The combination of Dirticow and A Girl I Know is one word: lethal.
So give a listen to A Girl I Know's "Bang Bang Bang (Dirticow Remix)" below and then hit Download to grab the mp3! - Culture Brats

"TVD Premiere: A Girl I Know, “Bang, Bang, Bang” (Dirty Dave Remix)"

My earliest record collection included classics such as Run DMC, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Village People, Hendrix, even the Godfather soundtrack—thanks to my oldest brother’s budding relationship with CDs.”

“But it was at (now defunct) Twelve Inch Dance Records in Dupont Circle and Yoshitoshi (now only a record label) in Georgetown that I remember how eager I was to mix Sasha’s “Be as One” with all of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Of all the material possessions I’ve ditched over the years, I still have these (and a box of old 45s I adopted) even though I haven’t owned a working record player in years!
—Carolina Hoyos - The Vinyl District

"New Music: “Bang Bang Bang” – A Girl I Know (Invader! Remix) {Exclusive Premiere}"

A Girl I Know’s “Bang Bang Bang” has recently racked up 45,000 Youtube hits in over a month. It’s a collaboration between actress Carolina Hoyos, actor Ken Franklin, and Jeremiah Bitsui who played Victor on Breaking Bad.

The Invader! is the project of 22-year old Alejo Gonzales who hails from South Florida. Check out The Invader! remix of “Bang Bang Bang” here. - Leading Us Absurd

"HEAR THIS: A Girl I Know"

"...an alluring female vocal that takes no prisoners…and you’re hooked.
With catchy style and infectious joy throughout the video, if you’re not smiling by the end of this song, we know you have no soul." - The Owl Mag

"Hot Actress #244"

Make CAROLINA HOYOS your essential cutie! She’s an incredible actress and singer/songwriter who has an on-screen presence that’s so addictive. Her part as a homeless teen musician in ‘BLACK & BLUE’ was one of the most poignant performances in this touching indie drama. I was blown away by the scene where she tries to connect once again with a child she left behind opening some old wounds. CAROLINA definitely excels in this multi-layered characters who are constantly having the short end of the stick; it’s no joke being homeless and constantly trying to survive on the streets and CAROLINA gave a thoroughly believable insight in ‘BLACK & BLUE’. Check out the CAROLINA HOYOS OFFICIAL SITE and get the taste of this exotic, eye-catching beauty.

As can be seen from her reel (above), CAROLINA is comfortable in a wide variety of roles and even accents….Wow! Additionally, she’s also the co-singer for indie-folk twosome ‘TWO BIRDS’ and the video ‘STUCK ON YOU’ showcases her lovely vocals over melancholy guitar-drive melodies….hope i can see her perform live someday! She’s also affectionately accessible which is why I’m enamored of her not just as an actress but as a person too. She’s continually building a solid indie reputation and i’m glad to be following such an appealing talent as CAROLINA HOYOS….:)

Don’t forget to check her out at IMDB: MORE INFO on CAROLINA HOYOS - Gornoblonde

"Artist of the Month"

An accomplished pianist and vocalist from Washington, DC, Carolina Hoyos is a multi-faceted musician - playing keys, guitar and singing her heart out. Having shared the stage well-known musicians while fronting the NYC rock band Morgan Ave, she is currently writing and performing with several producers in NY and LA. As a solo artist, she has shared the stage with INXS' keyboardist/guitarist. Her pop-rock track, "Waiting For You," can be found on Kron Studios' MUSIC FROM THE INVISIBLE SKY compilation CD. "The Difference," a hip-hop collaboration, is featured on the latest Zoo York skate video.

In addition to her career initiatives, Carolina makes time and lends her singing and acting talents to some of her favorite charities such as LIFEbeat's Hearts & Voices Program, A Very Jaggered XMAS to benefit pediatric AIDS and at the Susan Komen Race for the Cure.®

www.carolinahoyos.com - Ford Fusion Studio D

"Carolina Hoyos - Sundance"

Carolina Hoyos works in Post Production for Film/TV/Radio for En Pointe in New York.

A musician, actress and publicist. An all round renassaince girl with a penchant for Janis Joplin, Carolina is a regular on MTV as a panelist and has just landed a cooking show.

Her ethnicity has opened doors for her as she celebrates life.

An interview with Carolina Hoyos is available on demand by clicking here. - Aboriginal Voices Radio


The Lost Tapes - EP (releases 5/17/16)
The Sun - single (released 6/9/15)
A-Siders - EP (released 12/12/12)
The Big Bang - Remix EP (released 12/18/12)
Bang Bang Bang featuring Jeremiah Bitsui - single (released 9/25/12)



A Girl I Know is a 60’s inspired pop band fronted by singer-songwriter/actor Carolina Hoyos. As an actor, Carolina is often typecast as the musician and/or homeless streetwise girl, often featuring her own music and weathered clothing from her life on the road. But this type of casting is rooted in some truth, as she has certainly paid her dues. Over the years, she has shared the stage with Eddie Van Halen, Ryan Adams, and members of Guns N’ Roses. With her new single, “The Sun,” she strikes right at the heart of pop, folk, even doo-wop songwriting gold. With such a mix and glowing disposition, it’s only appropriate that her new video is unabashedly vibrant!

Her diverse skill set and comfort in front of the camera has landed her starring roles in the Jason Brown Lewis sitcom pilot “The Gym” alongside Quinton Aaron of “The Blind Side” and Native American LGBT family drama “Polar Sun” by Katie Doane Avery. She’s also made cameos on “Gene Simmons: Family Jewels” and Pharrell Williams’s music video for Oscar-Nominated song “Happy” from “Despicable Me 2”.

This seamless balance of music and acting has paid off for A Girl I Know as well. Her song “I’ll Find the Time” is featured in the film “Bruising For Besos” and hip-hop collaboration “The Difference” with Mr Ra and DJ Caspr is featured alongside Justin Timberlake and 50 Cent on the Zoo York E.S.T. 4.0 skate video soundtrack. Another single, “Bang Bang Bang”, features Jeremiah Bitsui who played Victor in the groundbreaking series “Breaking Bad”. 

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