An eclectic mix of raw passion, unbridled musicianship, with a smell of want


Formed in early 2002, the current core line-up of AGIVEN comprises of Niall McGrath (vocals, guitar), Enda Ward (lead guitar) and Kevin O'Sullivan (bass), Michael Chang(violin) and Paul Igoe (Percussion). MICHAEL CHANG grew up as a classically-trained violinist in the grunge world of Seattle, where he performed in several bands and shared stages with the likes of Soundgarden, Warren Zevon, and They Might Be Giants. In 1990, his folk-rock band LIKE RAIN, was voted "Best New Band in the Northwest" alongside a little-known group (at the time) called NIRVANA. In 1999, he decided to pursue his interest in Irish traditional music and settled into Galway, His interest in acoustic-based roots music led him to find AGIVEN, and he has been playing rock fiddle with them ever since. Paul Igoe started life on the 11-03-1983. His musical career began at an early age; his initial love was guitar, which he played in a few local bands. To date Paul has drummed in Rory Galagher tribute bands, jazz bands and at the moment he is also playing in a side project with a dj. This love of drums and his passion to push the boundaries of percussion, is why Agiven found Paul such a welcomed addition to their great arsenal of talent Niall Mc Grath doesn’t know who he is or what he wants. His life started when he got the last rights in 1995 after a short bout in a coma after catching viral meningitis. He then began playing guitar and believing in the quote by Oscar Wilde " an artist doesn’t see things as they really are if he did he would cease to be an artist”. All other objectives besides music seemed alien to him. He began writing songs at first for self-analysing purposes and mostly therapeutic reasons, until his dream of writing anti love songs came to fruition. "No miracles expected just answers please" is his question in one song, another self analysing moment to help him come to terms with why god spared when so many die, and what difference can he make. Enda Ward, guitar player with Agiven started his musical career in true Led Zeppelin style - playing the recorder! The musical obsession developed through keyboard and then onto guitar. Starting out on classic rock, Enda joined the biker rally favourite 'Ward 9' on there adventures around Ireland. At the time Ward 9 were rated as one of the top bands on the bike rally scene and invited to play some of the top rallies across the country playing from Kerry to Cavan and Donegal toKilkenny. A move to Galway brought a new change of direction as one of the foundingmember of a jazz-blues jam collective incorporating piano/guitar/saxophone/bass/percussion with an assortment of floating musicians. Kevin O Sullivan, a diagnosed narcoleptic found the only cure for falling asleep was to play with the multi talented .Agiven.


After many home-recorded demos, the first 3-track E.P. was recorded in Sun Street Studios in Tuam. This E.P. contained the tracks Forgive Yourself, Just Three Words and You My Idol and featured Dave Burke on drums and Felim O'Donnell on flute and percussion. The tracks done the rounds around the country receiving much positive feedback both at gigs and on the Net. In particular Matt McGee from the popular U2 tribute site -, gave a very favourable write-up on the demo...."I'm hoping to hear more in the not-too-distant future. Somebody sign these guys and get a proper album out..." - Matt McGee, Following that review hits to went through the roof and the band now have a spread of listeners across the world. A second demo was recorded in 2004 featuring Mika Kaida on violin. Mika's contribution convinced everyone that violin made an essential contribution to the bands sound. With Mika having to return to her native Japan a search was immediately underway for a replacement. However, this was not to happen for another year when Enda and Michael had a chance encounter at a session (music not drinking session!!) in Galways Ti Naughtons. In late 2004 Agiven received a grant in recognition of their work to date from The Arts Council. This was used to fund the most recent demo featuring two songs - 'This Little Thing We Have' and 'Born To?' and feature the drum work of Dave Concannon. The tracks were recorded in Grouse Lodge studios in Westmeath and were engineered and mixed by Stefano Soffia who has worked with acts such as Doves, Manic Street Preachers and Horslips.

Set List

2.Born to?
3.join the queue
4.just 3 words
5.In too deep
6.3 days in between
8.Meant to be alone
9.NO miracles expected wound net
12.This City
13. Beutiful curse
14.This little thing we have
Sets are typically an hour 30 to an hour 40 min long deppending on how long the bar stays open.