Agnes Mercedes

Agnes Mercedes

 Stockholm, Stockholm, SWE

"Any other artist, dead or alive have ever made anything like this. It´s totally original! Her creativity and very own expression is so great that one wonders if she is mad or brilliant, but however that may be these melodic tales are more than music. They are work of art". -Zero Music Magazine


Last year Agnes Mercedes started this music project, and made a tour that included about 200 big venues and art galleries all over Sweden. Now her awated debut album is here, filled with word gluttony and "pop-up-poems" as she call it herself. These melodic fairytales are told in her own made up language "sprak". This language is a mixture of forgotten dialects. Words with bitter-, sweet and sometimes salty aftertaste. All within a frame of "sprinkle sounscapes". To a beat of purcussion-like piano playing. She is singing with a voice that for one moment could sound like a cartoon, and the next second transform itself into a blue whale with water-tones in the songs...
"It doesn´t sound like anything else, or maybe like a extraterrestrial radio theater, in a melodic way. This is great art!" -The Swedish Radio

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Record Label:
Sprak Sprak

Plugged Distribution

Ebba Lindqvist

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Written By: Agnes Mercedes Einerstam Karis


(This song is written i a mixture betwean English and Swedish,
that´s the way it should be)

Längtan lossnar
Tomtiio-illusion pollution.
I eye you, ögon utan ögglor
Jag kanaliserar en, två, tre, fyra floder.
Then I wrote some words, some words under my foot,
and everything that was written
just turned into dust,
when I stepped on the words.

En infryst vattendroppe, en doft jag samlar stoft.
Jag slår in alla taktarter, i trakten
de som har makten över min melodi.

I collect all the pieces of myself together,
suddar bort somligt stoft.

Blåeld, vattenpölar, flugor, myror, tallbarr..
Allt finns med
ett, två tre.
Så är det med det.

Till momma, min vitaminkusin Lill-Abbe
och min portvaktskatt som säger
-Hej Agnes, välkommen hem,

Men du då, vilket akvarium bor du i?

Give me a....
No need to do this no more.
Lugnet och jag,
lugnet och mig.

Ellen har sorg, i sin tvättkorg,
Ellen har sorg på flera ställen
...Jag tror den bor i hennes skrivbordslåda,
ge mig en eldsvåda säger Ellen.
Vem bränner ut sig själv här?
Vilket blåbär!

Jag längtar hem igen
Havet ropar mitt namn.
To transform into
a mermaid
when it´s time.

It´s much harder to keep the rivers clear
and alive,
then to let everything die.

Säger sälarna i havet till mig


Debut album "Melodic Fairytales"-2011

Set List

Agnes Mercedes is available for solo and band performances, one-offs in the Northeast, as well as touring in the US and Europe depending on timing of release schedules etc.

1.Tsunami Drip (from "Melodic Fairytales")
2.Tistel Tromb (from "Melodic Fairytales")
3.Oceanghost Orchid (from "Melodic Fairytales")
4.Molom (from "Melodic Fairytales")
5. Kiinocco (from "Melodic Fairytales")
6.Vilvih (from "Melodic Fairytales")
7.Tiloo (from "Melodic Fairytales")
8.Vips (from "Melodic Fairytales")
9.Hood Fruit (from "Melodic Fairytales")
10.Mini Me (from "Melodic Fairytales")
11.Relikbutik (New and Unreleased)
12.Vandoo ( New and Unreleased)