Agnes Milewski

Agnes Milewski

 Vienna, Vienna, AUT
BandPopAdult Contemporary

"This Austrian singer-songwriter possesses an angelic voice and creates sweepingly sweet music. Her melodies thread classical sensibilities into irresistible pop structures. The lyrics are divinely poetic. The compositions are intricately designed and complex, yet instantly accessible." - Palo Alto Daily News, Nov 2006.


Waiting for spring seemed like an eternity for singer-songwriter Agne`s Milewski. With her new album "Almost Spring" the winter journey finally has come to an end. While outside the faint sunshine of the first warm days makes the ice melt, Milewski takes one more trip with her new single "Drive You Home". "The summer ended with a lot of rain, autumn was way too short, and then came the winter. It brought not only snow, but mainly that freezing cold, that biting wind that cuts through all your clothes and lets your muscles stiffen", says Milewski. Her own winter lasted almost two years, with lessons to be learned and new paths to be taken.
Thematically inspired by Schubert's "Winterreise", the singer-songwriter went on her very own musical journey. She found traces of folk ("Wintertime" Track 10), jazz ("Mr. Misleading" Track 2) and gospel ("Row The Boat", track 1) in the snow and packed them with her specific, Irish influenced songwriting style, just like in a handy travel case.
When unpacking, Milewski unfolded her third studio album "Almost Spring" with twelve enchanting new songs. The brittle cold of the journey shows in the sparsely orchestrated pieces, arranged with only piano or acoustic guitars, ukulele and vocals, while beatbox bass flute and earthy percussion on the other hand make the snow melt. Over all there is Milewski's fascinating voice, a riot in colours like the fresh blossoms of spring.
"The songs were partly written on snowy winter evenings in Vienna and partly in a 200 year old cottage somewhere on the west coast of Ireland, cut off from the rest of the world." Agne`s Milewski recounts the genesis of "Almost Spring". On her winter journey Agne`s formed congenial musical partnerships with Irish guitarist Eddie McLachlan, the Vienna beatbox flautist Walter Till, and Bernd Bechtloff, former drummer with Hubert von Goisern and well as Austrian folk legend Stephan 'Stoney' Steiner, an international team reaching out from Austria to the world.
With subtle references to Schubert's "Winterreise", these twelve songs represent Agne`s Milewski's own personal journey through a long winter to a long awaited spring awakening.

Agne`s Milewski was born in Poland in 1983. At the age of four her family emigrated to Austria, where she soon got her her first music lessons in keyboard and classical guitar. She started playing in bands as a teenager. Her debut solo album "Pretty Boys and Ugly Girls" was released in 2007, followed by a tour all across Europe including Austria, Germany, France, England and Poland. In 2008 she received the Austrian Newcomer Award, in 2009 her second album "Learn to Swim" was released, showing the artist's impressive development as a songwriter. After another tour Agnes took a break to come back with a her new album "Almost Spring".


Chasing the Wind (EP, self released 2006)
Pretty Boys and Ugly Girls (Album, 2007)
One God For Me (Single, 2009)
Learn to Swim (Album, 2009)
Drive You Home (Single, 2013)
Almost Spring (Album, 2013)

Set List

Setlist in no particular order: (length ca.90 minutes)

Monday Philosophy
Falling From Grace
Left Behind
End of my Sleeve
Frozen Clouds
Light in my Pocket
Dandelions, Forest Fern and Clover
With the Favourites
Perfect Blue Sky
She Said
Ready to Take Off
Steal Away my Autumn
Chasing the Wind